The weight of your world

To be a mother is to carry the weight of the world.

Your world.

One made up of little hands and feet, big emotions and love.

One of anxiety and worry, gratitude and privilege.

One of lists and schedules, mess and chaos.

One of opinions and judgment, shame and guilt.

One of loneliness and sacrifice, friendship and fulfilment.

One of long days and nights, short weeks and years.

One of being an entire world to those who are your whole world too.

And it’s a big world, this world of yours.

It’s a world you create and put everything you have into, one minute after another, one meltdown after the next.

It’s a world that tests you more than you thought possible, but grows a level of strength you never thought you had.

It’s a world that can break you, and remake you.

Hold you and mould you.

Hide you and find you.

It’s a world alright.

And although the load can be heavy, your mind can feel overwhelmed and your heart can be home to a place of deep vulnerability,

Once living here, it’s hard to imagine what you would be if not for mothering.

Because this world of yours is turning,

Not just because of the load you carry with every movement, decision and heavy thought,

But because of the love that lightens up every part of you,

And shines bright over the rest of the world too.

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