Their calm in their storm

This is for the toddler mothers.

Those stuck in storms, forever trying to steer the ship into calmer waters.

It can be rough here. Emotions crash into you and tears flow heavy.

You can move in circles for days, and it can feel like you are getting nowhere.

But being here is moving them closer to where they need to be.

This is for those mothers who are breathing through their own emotions which have been simmering at the surface for days now.

You only have so much space. You may crack sometimes. And when that happens take care of yourself.

Do what you need to so that you don’t shatter. They need you to be well.

This is for those mothers who are dealing with their own adult stresses while trying to parent big little emotions.

There’s no time to process your own feelings. You are putting so much energy into being intentional about not letting it affect your parenting.

But it’s not easy.  So go easy on yourself.

This is for the mothers who feel completely out of their depth.

Doubting every single thing you’re doing. Wondering whether this gets easier.

Wanting the episodes of your child’s hard to pass.

You are the depth they need.

This is for the mothers who haven’t slept through since birth, or had any form of consistency when it comes to night wakes.

Who feel the pressure to have their littles sleeping through by now.

Who get up on empty and keep giving with every little bit of energy they can scrape from their sides.

You are working miracles.

This is for the mothers who can’t keep it in any longer.

Who feel overstimulated.

Who need a break.

Who cry at the sink, in the toilet, or late at night when they finally have time to realise how much they have been feeling, and holding, and needing to let go of.

This one is for you.

Parenting toddlers is hard work.

It is as challenging as it seems some days.

But it will not be forever.

So try to feel the rain on your face, and dance under the rainbows when you can.

Remember that you are exactly what they need right now.

Remind yourself often that even though it doesn’t always feel like it,

You are their calm in their storm.

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