Their perfect fit

You are exactly what they need.

Not them.

Not others who look like they are handling it better, or finding it easier, or have more of what you think you need.

You are the perfect piece in their puzzle.

And so often as mothers we can forget this.

As the doubt creeps in with the unsettled nights.

As the guilt sets in with the shortening fuse.

As the tears flow heavy following a moment of feeling like you just were not cut out for this.

You feed yourself a harsh narrative which swallows perspective completely.

Because you.  Yes you. YOU are who they need.

And do you know what?

The fact that you drag yourself over the coals about whether or not you are enough, shows just how much you love them.

Your love is deep.

Your trying is seen.

Your constant willingness to want to be the best for them is testament to how seriously you take your role.

So try to give yourself some slack, some grace, and some perspective more often.

And remember everything else, always.

Like the way you can calm their cries. How they call out for you with their arms outstretched longing for you, like you are their only cure.

Like the way you make them smile the only way you know how. Their happiness beaming, with eyes closed and smiles wide.

Like the way you cheer them up. You know what they need. The jokes that work best. The cuddles that hold heart. The time they need.

Like the way you meet them in darkness. Them not needing to see you. Instead scanning your face with their finger tips.

Like the way they run to you with their newest toy or trick and ask you to watch them show it to you over and over.

Like the way you just know. Deep down. Always. If something doesn’t feel right. If they are not right. If you need to do something.

Because this is everything else that makes you exactly what they need.

You know what they need when they need it.

You are there for them even when they don’t know they need you.

You are their everything.

And the days will not always look perfect.

Far from it.

And you will not be a perfect mother.

There is no such thing.

But you are perfect to them.

You are exactly what they need.

You are their perfect fit.

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