Three ways Mumli will change the way you parent

We know you don’t have time to shower let alone invest in yet another f*cking social sharing app but hear us out. Being a mom in 2021 is the toughest job in existence. Trust us, we surveyed all the moms and they agreed.

So while you and everyone else are busy worrying about your baby, we’re here to (finally) give you the support you deserve.

We’re not saying we’ll come and hold your baby while you sleep/eat/enjoy glorious silence, because *boundaries*, but there are a few equally valuable ways Mumli can make your life easier:

1. Upload and organize your mom brain

Is your camera roll a hot mess of screenshots sandwiched between hundreds of (basically identical) baby photos? Maybe you also have some very useful tips written hastily in your Notes app that upon re-reading makes no sense, or perhaps you’ve got product recommendations and recipes hidden in epic message threads with your mom friends. But when you go to look for them, the scrolling never ends (why do we talk so much sh*t?). Throw in a spreadsheet or two and a browser with a stress-inducing number of open tabs, and this pretty much sums up every mom’s current ‘filing system’.

How Mumli can help

We’re putting an end to information overload. Think of us as your personal motherhood assistant, organizing all of your mom sh*t in one place so that you can actually feel (kinda) on top of this mom thing. As a bonus, you’ll get that much needed brain space back for more important things like fantasy-planning a weekend away on your own, and THAT scene from episode 3 of Sex/Life (If you know you know).

2. Build your arsenal of mom hacks

When you become a mom for the first time, you literally have no idea WTF you’re doing. Luckily, by birthing a human bowling ball you became initiated into the ultimate underground club you never knew existed. And the number one rule of mom club? ALWAYS talk about mom club. Moms, amazing creatures that we are, love sharing all the advice – but Google is overwhelming as sh*t, and we’ve had enough of the large, disconnected forums and judgy vibes.

How Mumli can help

Got a question? (of course you do) Need to vent? (who the f*ck doesn’t). We’ll help you navigate the chaos so that you can find conversations that are actually relevant to you, and get the advice you need, when you actually want it.

We have zero time or tolerance for mom shame, so we’re carefully and very purposefully building a safe, judgment-free space for moms to share their tips and tricks (Read: No Negative Nancy telling you the world will end if you dare to allow screen time/ bottle feed/use dummies/*insert literally any parenting choice here).

On our own, we’re pretty amazing, but together, we run the damn world.

3. Figure out how YOU want to parent

With advice flying towards you from every direction, it can feel overwhelming trying to decipher which way is the best way to parent. 

Spoiler alert: there’s no one size fits all approach. Every baby is different, go figure, and to be honest, no one else knows WTF they’re doing either, we’re all just making it up as we go. The great news is, you actually get to decide how to parent based on what works for you and your family.

How Mumli can help

Access the ultimate library of expertly curated resources, thoughtfully picked just for you, at your current stage of motherhood (aka useful sh*t you actually want to read) and discover what other mamas are loving. Piece together your own motherhood manual all in one place and never panic-Google at 3am again.

Every CEO needs a good PA

Motherhood is really, really f*cking hard. We know there are good bits too and we wouldn’t change it EVER, because we love the sh*t out of our kids and the joy they bring us exceeds that of any amount of sleep, or wine, or personal space. But for too long, the work has remained invisible, unacknowledged, and unsupported.

We’re stepping in and disrupting the system by giving the middle finger to the false narrative of ‘perfect parenting’ that has all moms feeling like they’ll never be enough.

Our mission is to share the full spectrum of motherhood – the good, the bad, the tired, and the really, really tired, and to give you the tools you need, to make the world’s toughest job just that little bit easier.

Put joining our waitlist at the top of your to-do list (wherever it lives until you get on Mumli) and get ready to organize, sort, and share the sh*t out of mom life. 

It’s the app Future You will thank you for.

Make motherhood easier, with Mumli.

Discover, share, and save everything you need in one place.