We asked mums what they REALLY want for Mother’s Day

If you read our article on the worst Mother’s Day gifts mums have ever received, you may be wondering what mums actually want for Mother’s Day. Or maybe you need a not so stealth list of inspiration to send to your partner or kids.

Whatever the case, at Mumli HQ we were also curious, so we asked mums what they really want for Mother’s Day and it’s relatable AF.

A break from mumming

Time off from mum duties. – Nelly

Time to myself. – Cassie

My husband to take over the mental load for a day. – Jacintha

My partner to make an effort to acknowledge Mother’s Day (we skipped it last year as we were so busy adjusting to becoming new parents), and take over some of the mumming. – Angela

Quality time for some romancing

An activity gift… like a b&b stay in the Barossa. – Tamara

I would love a couple of nights away with my husband, to be honest. Is that horrible to want some time away on the day reserved for celebrating being there? Well, oh well. That’s what I want! Especially after Covid! – Anna

A weekend away with my husband. – Nikki

To be wined and dined

Dinner made and cleaned up and delicious. – Tara

A beautiful family lunch out somewhere nice where I don’t have to clean up after. – Samantha

Chocolates, and a delicious dinner with copious amounts of wine (no hangover would be a bonus). – Carina

To treat yo’self

A relaxing massage. – Sheree

I’d love to get my hair done; haven’t been to the hairdressers since my birthday on August 29th last year. Although I’m the main breadwinner of the family, I feel guilty about spending a bit of money on myself. – Ashley

Currently pregnant with baby no. 2 so a prenatal massage or lash lift would be lovely. – Lola

A spa day would be amazing. – Melissa

Sleep…. just sleep

Sleep, coffee, wine. – Belle

A sleep in that lasts all day. – Helen

To wake up naturally after 10 hours sleep instead of at the crack of dawn to the sound of screaming kids. – Liv

To make beautiful memories

A mini projector so we can have fun movie nights and make special snuggle duvet moments with our family. – Rachel

Homemade cards and paintings and breaky in bed with the kids. – Jenna

Just a lazy day to enjoy my kids without them fighting, or me yelling at them to clean up. – Holly 

So if you’re a partner planning a Mother’s Day gift, here’s what you need to know: The amount of effort you put into making Mother’s Day special, will directly determine how appreciated she will feel.

Give her the Mother’s Day she deserves.

If you’re a mum reading this, let us know what you really want for Mother’s Day in the comments.

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