We don’t tell you enough


We need you to know.

We need you to know that we see you.

It probably doesn’t always feel like that and we don’t always tell you, but we do.

We see you with us.

In our weakest moments of pregnancy.

In our trying times at birth.

Through the sleepy fog that is the fourth trimester.

You are there.



Breathing air into our lungs from the sideline.

Sometimes so quietly that it’s hard for us to acknowledge your silent work until afterwards.

But we do.


In our own way.

Sometimes too quietly too.

And we see you with us during our strongest moments too.

Sharing in the highs.

Celebrating with us.

Lightening the heavy with all of your jokes.

So often you are just what we need.

What our children need.

Even though it must feel like you are not needed sometimes, we need you too you know.

And we see you waiting in the shadows of love.

Just in case we fall.

When we fall.

Because you know we do fall from time to time.

And you catch us.

You lift us back up.

You carry us for as long as we need.

It’s so comforting to know you are there.

To know we will be caught by you.

To know that we are in this together.

And we need you to know that we love you.

We love what you are helping us to create.

We love that we can share this hard but beautiful chapter with you.

We love you for being you.

For being what we need.

For being exactly what they need.

We do, you know.

Because you are there.

With us.

For us.

Being such a crucial part of our why.

And we don’t ever tell you enough.

So we need you to know.

Please know.

You are seen, you are valued, you are loved.

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