We were taught to be small

As women, we grew up learning to be small.

To stand in the shadows,

and whisper into dark empty corners.

When we became mothers, we were told to be invisible.

To be silently selfless,

to live contently, existing only when needed.

I know it’s hard to stand tall when you’re small.

I know it’s hard to be seen when you’re invisible.

But what if we never let our daughters become small?

What if instead, we teach them to be unapologetically loud?

To be boldly vulnerable?

To take up space where they are told they don’t belong,

and to allow others to sit in their discomfort when they do?

What if we tell them: You are a woman,

and you have inherited the collective power of all your mothers before you.

You have fire running wild within you,

and that fire can light up even the darkest of empty corners.

Because if enough of us shine our light,

together, we are no longer small.

We are no longer invisible.

We can set the world ablaze,

letting each and every woman know, 

that she is heard. 

She is seen.

She is not alone.

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