Which kind of mama are you?

Which mama are you? They will ask, in their way.

Are you a c-section mama?

A had to be induced mama?

Or an all natural, drug free, candlelit waterbirth to Enya kind of mama?

Are you a store-bought puree mama?

A baby eats what we eat mama?

Or a make it yourself, organic, whole food baby-led weaning kind of mama?

Are you a stay at home mama?

A full-time office mama?

Or a do-it-all, work from home, wearing all the hats kind of mama?

Are you a one and done mama?

A trying with no luck mama?

Or are you a forever pregnant, can’t stop, won’t stop making babies kind of mama?

Are you a collaborative mama?

A lives by the rules mama?

Or an age-specific, developmentally appropriate, handmade crafty kind of mama?

Are you a sleep training mama?

A never needs to settle, with no teething trouble mama?

Or are you an up all night, every night, holds her baby to sleep kind of mama?

Are you a mainstream mama?

An all wooden and white, no TV, organic only mama?

Or are you a plastic buying, flashing light relying, whatever buys me ten minutes kind of mama?

Are you a struggling mama? 

A barely surviving mama?

A swallowed up by a pile of laundry, never washes her hair, with no time to care kind of mama?

What if I’m a little bit of every mama?

A doing the best with what I’ve got mama?

A learning as I go, choosing my own adventure, just as long as my baby’s happy kind of mama?

What if you were too?

Imagine how much easier being a mama would be.

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