Which Mumli mum are you?

Moms are really, really good at what they do. Truly. Fuelled by little more than bottomless coffees, leftover sandwich crusts and the salty tears of a thousand tantrums, you manage motherhood like goddamn bosses

We get that you have systems in place. That you have mom friends, and family members to lean on. That you and Google go way back, and you’ve already downloaded three different parenting apps and joined 26 separate Facebook groups for moms, so you’re set. Maybe you don’t need us (cue marketing telling me to STFU immediately). 

But what if we told you that you could get all of those things (and more) in one place? That there is a parenting app focused on supporting YOU instead of focusing solely on your baby?

Just for funsies, and with no ulterior motive, let’s examine five types of moms who we created Mumli for and see if you fit in anywhere.

1. The overwhelmed mom 

The overwhelmed mom is #blessed to have so many people in her life to help her navigate this parenting sh*tshow, but between the random screenshots, saved IG posts, scribbled notes and advice long lost in message threads, she’s a hot mess (can relate). You’ll find her trying to remember whether she locked the front door when she left home, one eye twitching while she scrolls frantically through her phone to find that thing that her friend sent her about sleep regressions.

On Mumli she’s uploading her mom brain into organized collections and feeling that same buzz she gets from watching ‘restock’ tiktoks and fantasizing about the Home Edit making over her pantry.

2. The seasoned mom

The seasoned mom has been in the trenches and pivoted through every age and stage with the agility of a pro soccer player. You’ll find her on the playground swapping war stories with other moms, baby wipes on standby, and a look in her eyes that says she’s seen it all, maybe too much. 

On Mumli she’s creating collections of mom hacks and useful resources to share with her mom friends, and for her Future Self, for when she inevitably re-enlists her uterus. 

3. The take my money mom

The take my money mom has no time (or interest) in spending hours researching the best bottle teats or developmentally appropriate toys by month of age *yawn*. She honestly can’t even be bothered uploading her own collections. Who even has time for that? You’ll find her ordering her groceries to be delivered online during her work lunch break while on the phone to her daughter’s daycare for the third time this week.

On Mumli she’s filtering her discovery feed to the exact topic she needs help with right this second, following all of the seasoned mom’s collections, asking other mamas for recommendations and inviting her mom friends to join, because it’s about damn time someone made motherhood a bit more efficient.

4. The overinformed mom

The overinformed mom is just trying to make the best decision for her baby but everyone’s conflicting opinions and advice have her already overwhelmed brain feeling louder than a Destiny’s Child reunion concert. She and Dr. Google are besties but just quietly, things have become a bit toxic. She second-guesses every choice she makes and changes her baby’s sleep routine more often than she changes his diaper. 

On Mumli you’ll find her browsing expert articles that have been handpicked for her, at her current stage of motherhood and delivered right to her Home Feed, and confidently piecing together her own parenting style.

5. The good time mom 

The good time mom isn’t wrapped up in trying to be perfect, she knows she’s a good great mom. But she also knows parenting is f*cking hard and better enjoyed with a glass of wine (or three) and a whine with her friends. She’s sick of judgy forums and Karens throwing their two cents in every time she posts literally anything.

On Mumli you’ll find her sharing hilarious memes, asking other moms for judgment-free advice and celebrating the small wins with virtual high fives and supportive butt taps.

Now, even if you don’t identify with any of these moms, and you don’t actually think motherhood is that hard, firstly… tell us your secrets (no seriously, help us!) and secondly, we’ll just leave you with one final thought: but wouldn’t it be great if it could be a little easier?

You’ll find more helpful tips, high fives, and encouraging pats on the bum on Mumli, your pocket-sized personal assistant for all things motherhood – coming to your home screen soon. Join the waitlist now.

Make motherhood easier, with Mumli.

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