Worth it

I wake up before the birds start chirping and often before I’m ready.

I tend to my children’s needs.

Change nappies.

Feed them.

Clean up after feeding them.

Play with them.

Hold them.

Stop what I’m doing.

Hold them some more.

Help them deal with their big emotions.

Restart what I was doing.

Repeat for the remainder of the day.

And I go to bed long after the sun goes down, and long after I’m ready.

After they’ve been fed,


Had stories read to them.

I lay with them.

Help them fall asleep.

Then I clean up the mess from the day.

Sort things for tomorrow.

Fit in emails that need sending and bills that need paying.

Then I try to find time for me, and with my husband.

But it doesn’t always work out,

Because I’m exhausted.

I do things when I’m not ready from dawn til dusk.

I’m constantly putting others’ needs before my own.

I’m constantly trying to find more hours in the day to get everything done.

I’m constantly “doing” even when some of it is hard to see.

I do it.

Over and over.

Day after day.

Night after night.

I do it for them.

Because I love them so very much.

Because they make everything worth it.

Because I would do anything for them.

I get it done,

No matter how hard it can seem.

No matter how tired it makes me.

No matter what.

Because I’m their mother.

And they make everything worth it.

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