10 non-cringe pregnancy announcement ideas

As a soon-to-be mother, you’ve had the privilege of finding out that you’re pregnant before anyone else. Once you’ve recovered from the shock of that positive pregnancy test – or perhaps stopped boogie-ing with glee because your days of intense ovulation tracking are over – you get to plan how you’ll announce the news. FUN!

The thought of telling people may make you feel nervous, excited or overwhelmed. How does one even broach the topic? Well you’re in luck, because we’ve got a very good, not-at-all-cringe list of pregnancy announcement ideas that may just spark some ideas for you. Take your pick!

1. The Classic

There’s something to be said for the elegance of The Classic pregnancy announcement. You know the one: the ultrasound pic or positive pregnancy test shot. Maybe you and/or your partner are in frame. Grinning. Pashing. Or looking like that kid from Home Alone.

It’s definitely not cringe to go down the traditional route with your pregnancy announcement. Whether you share a photo publicly on your social channels, or text it privately to your friends and family, this announcement technique is sure to get a) squeals of delight, and/or b) one billion love heart emojis.

2. The Something Tiny 

Nothing says “I’ve got a tiny person inside me” like displaying a tiny piece of clothing. Little baby shoes, onesies, hats or socks. Oh tiny socks!!!

You might take a pic of you (and your partner) with said tiny something, or you could even announce your pregnancy by giving people gifts of tiny somethings! (See also: The Personalised Gift)

Your parents, for example, might be utterly blown away by opening a gift to find a tiny onesie inside. Cue tears.

3. The Photoshoot

Okay, this has potential to land somewhere on the “cringe” spectrum, but special pregnancy announcement photo shoots can be damn hilarious or adorable too!

We LOVE a sweet setup with a blackboard (or similar) that says Baby [Your Last Name] Coming Soon. Straight to the point. 

Tip! For even more fun with The Photoshoot, see also: The Fur Big Sibling and The Human Big Sibling(s).

4. The Sneaky 

There are a few ways to perform The Sneaky pregnancy announcement technique. The idea is that it’s done in a subtle, sneaky way.

A few examples:

  • Insta story reveal: Post a series of Instagram Stories about your year or your life or something (like 20 posts) and finish it off with a subtle reference to your pregnancy. It could be a photo of you drinking orange juice in a wine glass, or even you holding an ultrasound pic nonchalantly. If people tap all the way through your Story, they’ll be rewarded with happy news! (But of course… you’re risking people not finding out if they CFB’d.)

5. The Personalised Gift 

This is a beautiful way to break the news to your partner, parents, siblings or friends. While the real gift (obviously) is you carrying a child for nine months, which they then get to cuddle and hold – you can really add some WOW factor to the announcement by adding another, personalized gift.

For example, you could give your mum or mother-in-law a onesie that says “I love my Grandma”. They’ll lose it, guaranteed.

6. The Surprise Yourself 

Sure, it was a great surprise when you got that positive test result, but why not surprise yourself again by making your pregnancy announcement a gender reveal as well?

Have your sonographer secretly write down the suspected gender at your 12-week scan. Then, ask a trusted person to get colored balloons or bake a colored cake, and take a photo/livestream/video as you find out for yourself!

7. The Fur Big Sibling

Mums have done some very creative stuff by getting their fur baby in on the pregnancy announcement action. 

I thought I was your baby! Is a prime example of how this can be a serious hoot.

8. The Human Big Sibling(s)

If this isn’t your first child, you could get your other child(ren) in on the action. Some of our favorite examples of this include:

  • The Cot Eviction NoticeA pic of your youngest in their cot, with a Cot Eviction Notice stuck to it and an eviction date. Gold.

  • The Promotion Give your other child(ren) a “promotion” (without pay) to older sibling status.

9. The Dinner Party

Let everyone you love in on the exciting news at once by holding a secret announcement dinner party. Some ideas to dramatically make the announce your pregnancy:

  • Give a speech – get everyone’s attention and tell them the news, OR slap an ultrasound photo down on the table without warning.

  • Make up special announcement plates when people get to the end of their meals they’ll be so surprised that they’ll overlook the fact that you can’t cook to save yourself.

  • Bake a themed cake wheel out dessert and watch as the room explodes. Then you get to eat cake. It’s a win for everyone.

10. The Too Much Time On My Hands

If you want to get very into it, you could create a masterpiece of an announcement. Some examples:

Yes, it might be a little OTT, but it’s sure to create some buzz.

So to wrap up, um, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re going to have a baby!!! We’re seriously thrilled for you and we know the special people in your life are going to be over the moon. Have fun sharing the awesome news.

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