6 baby shower games you’ll actually want to play

One of the perks of incubating a tiny human in your belly is the chance to celebrate its imminent arrival with a bunch of friends and family. And these days baby showers come in all shapes and sizes; they can be classy affairs with pearls and canapés, picnics with takeout, virtual baby showers over Zoom, or small gatherings with your closest pals. The one thing they do have in common is that nearly all of them will involve a game or two.

However, we’re the first to admit that not all baby shower games work for every group of people, so if the idea of “guess the dirty diaper” fills you with dread, welcome to the club, girl! (Let’s just say my mom wouldn’t be seen dead trying to guess what faux poo is made of, even one made from a Snickers bar.) But that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to games completely at your shower, no siree! In fact, there’s a ton of non-cringe, genuinely fun baby shower games to play that will have everyone giggling in no time. Hot tip: Champagne also helps.

Here’s six of the best baby shower games ideas for every different tribe and vibe.

The budget baby shower game

Celebrity Head – Mom Edition

Everyone sticks a piece of paper on their forehead with a celebrity mom written on it. They can ask other guests questions that have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, and when they guess their celebrity mom, their name gets recorded and that’s the order that the presents get opened in, or the order they can receive a piece of cake. Trust us, a little competitive spirit will get people motivated. 

The co-ed baby shower game

The Diaper Race

One of our favorites! First, start by setting up a dressing station of three dolls or teddy bears, and a stack of diapers. Line up three guests and appoint a timekeeper – someone who can call out the times as each person races to put a diaper on their ‘baby’. As each guy has a go, record all the results on a piece of paper so everyone can see. The winner gets a prize. For an extra laugh: have your non-parent friends battle it out.

The game where grandparents can get involved

Baby Time Capsule/Dear Baby Book

This is less of a game and more something that’s just sweet to do – especially if grandparents are involved. Ask your guests to bring something to put in a Baby Time Capsule for your little one to open in 10 years. It could be a photo, a letter, a recipe, a piece of clothing… Anything that has a meaning. Alternatively (or as well!), you could also buy a book and ask people to write a note for the baby to read in time. It might be a message, a piece of advice or a memory of you. Warning: this will make you cry… in a good way.

The virtual baby shower game

Parents’ Trivia Game

Write out 10 trivia questions about you and your partner (or just yourself). Make some easy, some hard and some ‘guess-able’. These could be things like, “Who did I get caught kissing in Math Class as a Sophomore”, “What is the one alcohol I can’t ever drink again” or “What did I want to be when I was five”? You can be The Quiz Master and at the end, read out the questions and answers, and select 2-3 people each time to reveal the answer they had. It’s always the quiet friend at the back that mysteriously knows all the answers!

The game for people who love games

Baby Bingo

When everyone arrives, give them a glass of bubbly and a Baby Bingo Card. These cards can just be drawn up on paper or cardboard, and they should have a grid with 16 squares on it. In each square put either a phrase that someone might say (“When are you due?”), an action (someone touches your pregnant belly), or a prediction (a gift that includes a duck). The first person to cross all the squares off gets a prize.

The game for people who don’t love games

Late Night Diapers

This is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving and it’s great for families who just aren’t into game playing. First, set up a table with felt pens and a stack of diapers. Then ask everyone to write a message of love on a diaper. Then, when you’re doing those *fun* 3am diaper changes, you’ll get a lovely message from a friend or family member, just when you need it. Sometimes, that feeling of love and support (or a laugh) is the perfect present.

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