8 fun things to read, watch and listen to during pregnancy

Here’s a secret, mama-to-be: you don’t have to read all those baby books. 

Sure, they can be useful. But, there are also less, let’s say, ‘studious’ ways to get clued up on pregnancy and parenting before your little one arrives. 

Here’s our hit list of eight fun things to read, watch and listen to during pregnancy that won’t make you feel like you’re prepping for an exam.


What To Expect When You’re Expecting (the movie)

Yes, this is a Hollywood production, and yes, Hollywood often glamourizes pregnancy, birth and parenting in unhelpful ways. But, hear us out. 

What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a fictional take on the book of the same name, and it follows five couples through pregnancy and birth. It explores a whole slew of experiences, from the ‘perfect’ pregnancy, to the ‘sick-all-the-time’ pregnancy, to pregnancy loss, adoption and more, and it really highlights that no two pregnancies are the same. And, to really just expect, well, the unexpected. 

Watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

The Letdown

The Letdown is a funny-as-f*ck comedy that follows first-time mum Audrey as she navigates the highs and lows of parenting.  

Some might recommend not watching this while pregnant because the sh*t that goes down in the show mirrors quite closely the – to put this nicely – “challenges” that parents face daily. But, we think it teaches that laughter is the best way to get through the journey of parenting; a valuable reminder for those tough days. 

Watch it on ABC iView. 


Babies is a Netflix docu-series that explores through science how our little ones discover life and learn about their bodies during their first year. It’s a wonderful lesson that even when your little one is annoying the cr*p out of you, to cut them some slack because their tiny brains are learning faster than we can comprehend. 

Watch it on, well, Netflix.

If you’re looking to Netflix and chill your way to parenthood, read our full list of movies and TV shows to watch while pregnant.


You Be Mother

You Be Mother is a fiction novel that delves into what happens when new mum Abi finds the perfect family…and it’s not hers. Not only is it a damn beautiful read, but it will make you think about your relationship with your mother and/or the mother figures in your life and what family means to different people – all important topics to ponder before your bébé arrives. 

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice On Love And Life From Dear Sugar

Tiny Beautiful Thingsis a series of letters and responses from author Cheryl Strayed’s (you might know her book, Wild) time as an Agony Aunt. Although not specifically relating to parenting or child rearing, Strayed’s compassionate and empathetic responses to life’s toughest situations (think cheating, lying, death and more) can teach us how to react to anything our kids might throw our way with absolute loving kindness. 

Both books are available at Dymocks and other bookstores. 

If the thought of a fat stack of baby books on your bedside table sparks joy, check out our full list of pregnancy reads here.


Birth, Baby & Beyond

Birth, Baby & Beyond is a podcast about pregnancy, birth and parenting from Cath Curtin, aka, Midwife Cath (mamas-to-be, if you haven’t heard the name Midwife Cath yet, consider this your introduction – you can thank us later!). 

With the help of experts, Cath dives into themes ranging from drugs during labour, to multitasking in motherhood, the first six weeks and so much more. It’s a one stop shop for all stages of your journey. 

This Glorious Mess

This Glorious Mess is another poddy by the Mamamia crew. As the name suggests, it explores the wild world of parenting! Each episode focuses on a topic relating to either “Big Kids” (hosted by Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright) or “Little Kids” (hosted by our girl crushes Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli), explored via the hosts’ experiences and interviews with experts, and wrapped up with laugh out loud WTF parenting moments. While it might seem odd to listen to this while you’re pregnant, the episodes are short and sharp, and can help get your brain into the parenting space in a fun way. 

Beyond The Bump

Beyond The Bump, from the awesome Sophie Pearce and Jayde Couldwell, features some of the realest chats about being a parent that we’ve come across. Each (weekly) episode deep dives into aspects of being a mum such as making friends, having sex post-kids and the constant juggle. Most importantly, it hammers home the need to support other mums, and to talk about the hard stuff – because we’re all in this sh*t together. 

Listen to each of these shows via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

We’ve also put together a list of our fave pregnancy and parenting podcasts here for all our multi-tasking mamas.

To all our seasoned pros (yep, we’re looking at you, mamas), what were some of the TV shows, books and movies you enjoyed during pregnancy?

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