6 pregnancy-friendly online workouts we love

Just because you got it on (and got pregnant in the process), doesn’t mean you can’t get your sweat on. In fact, working out while you’re growin’ a babe has a sh*tload of benefits – it can help with everything from minimising back pain and promoting better sleep to a reduced risk of gestational diabetes and even shortened labour

(We can practically hear you rushing to throw your workout gear on.)

Now, while you can hit the gym, a workout class or even a boot camp session in the park, you might prefer to sweat it up in the comfort of your own home with an online workout (whether that’s thanks to Covid or a desire to work out naked because you’re so damn hot all the time, especially if you’re tackling pregnancy during summer). 

So, here are six of the best online workout programs for pregnancy. 

A quick (but bloody important) warm-up 

(Because you should always warm-up before working out, girl, even if doing an online workout.)

While working out during pregnancy is so good for you, you should only do so:

  • If your doctor has given you the green light. In some instances, like if you have pregnancy complications or serious pre-existing health conditions, your healthcare professional might advise against exercise or recommend certain types of exercise over others. 

  • In a safe manner. While most exercise is safe during pregnancy, particular moves can be uncomfortable or harmful. It’s also recommended that you keep exercise to moderate intensity – don’t overdo it. (A good indication of this is that you’re still able to carry on a conversation while working out.) For more information, read here for five expert insights to working out while pregnant, and if you’re ever unsure, seek tailored advice from a professional (whether that’s your doctor or a trained prenatal exercise expert). 

  • Under the guidance of someone who knows what the f*ck they’re talking about. And that’s no matter if you’re working out in person or via an online workout. We’re talking about a trained prenatal and postnatal exercise coach (or similar). They’ll know precisely how to help you and keep you safe, which is particularly important if you haven’t worked out much before or in a while. 

On that last point: each of the online workouts listed below are designed by experts and with pregnant women in mind (to help take the guesswork out of things for you, mama-to-be, because we know you’re already preoccupied with figuring out how you’re meant to care for a baby and what the f*ck you need to buy a newborn). Let’s explore. 

The best online workouts for pregnancy

The best all-body online workout: 28 by Sam Wood

28 by Sam Wood is the baby of, yes, that Sam Wood – you know, The Bachelor Season Three Sam Wood. Its name comes from the fact that each online workout lasts just 28 minutes, and it’s designed for all fitness levels and needs, including pregnancy. 

There’s a specific prenatal stream within the broader program that’s been created in conjunction with Chloe Lorback, an experienced women’s health specialist, physiotherapist and pilates instructor. Join up, and you’ll have access to 28-minute, low impact yoga and pilates workouts as well as pregnancy-safe nutrition ideas, guided meditations and even support from women’s health experts (how good). 

And for when your babe is earthside, there’s even a postnatal stream too. We think it’s really one of the best online workouts for pregnancy and beyond

To find out more, click here

28 by Sam Wood online pregnancy workout

Source: 28 by Sam Wood Instagram

The best online workout if you like variety: The Bloom Method

Search for best online workouts for pregnancy, and you’re likely to be bombarded with offerings for yoga and pilates. But, what if you like a little variety? Enter The Bloom Method. 

This online workout program boasts over 350 pre-and-postnatal fitness classes (so you can continue to work up a sweat post-baby, too), on-demand and covering a range of fitness styles – everything from prenatal strength and core to sculpting yoga and barre. The best bit? It is recommended by doctors, midwives, doulas, nurses and physiotherapists worldwide. 

Pro tip: always make sure to read the workout description to ensure it’s prenatal-focused, not postnatal-focused, so it’s safe for the stage you’re currently at.  

To start working out, click here

The Bloom Method online pregnancy workout

Source: The Bloom Method Instagram

The best minimal equipment online workout: Peaches Pilates 

If you’re a gal that likes to get stuck into her workout without f*cking around looking for dumbbells or needing to order complicated balls and bands, you’ll love Peaches Pilates. 

Founded by Sydney-based BFFs and mums Tori Clapham and Bec Chidiac, it offers (as you might have guessed) bespoke pilates classes for all fitness levels and with minimal equipment required. (Seriously, we tried it out, and many of the workouts can be done with just a chair to hold onto). And, where any equipment is recommended, the instructors usually give an alternative – like cans of tomatoes or chickpeas instead of dumbbells or a rolled-up towel instead of a pilates ball. It’s so damn easy. 

Two things to note: 

  • While Peaches Pilates is known for specialising in pregnancy and postnatal care, not all its workouts are pregnancy-friendly. Make sure to read the description of the workout you want to try to ensure it’s bump-appropriate.
  • Peaches Pilates also has studios across Sydney, should you ever wish to try a workout in person. 

To hit the mat, click here

Peaches Pilates online pregnancy workout

Source: Peaches Pilates Instagram

The best online workout if you still want to lift: Birth Fit

So, you’ve been around the block when it comes to working out (and yep, that could be in person or by doing online workouts too). You love to lift weights, to feel your body’s strength. But what the hell do you do once you’re pregnant?

The answer? More or less the same, but just a little modified. Really! And here’s the online workout program to do it: BirthFit. It prides itself on offering safe and effective strength and conditioning training throughout pregnancy and beyond, all while helping you feel connected to your body’s full capacity (yes, even while you’re growing a bub). The prenatal program itself offers direct access to expert coaches, strength and conditioning training guides four days a week and mind and body connection and reflection activities each day of the week. 

To get started, click here

Birth Fit online pregnancy workout

Source: Birth Fit Instagram

The best online workout if you’re short on time: Apple Fitness+ 

Kids or no kids, we’re all so damn short on time. You might have the best intentions of working out, but you may only have 10 minutes to squeeze something in. We get it. But, have we got the solution for you. 

You might be familiar with Apple Fitness+, the tech giant’s online workout platform. Well, it has a ‘Workouts for Pregnancy’ program, which features 10, 10-minute workouts focused on strength, core and stretching that are each safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy. While not an extensive selection, we love that the workouts are short, sharp and effective. 

To test it out, click here

Apple Fitness Plus online pregnancy workout

Source: Apple Fitness+ Instagram

The best free online workout: Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Working out doesn’t have to break the bank. (We know you’re probably budgeting for baby!) There are, in fact, loads of free online workout programs available via good ol’ YouTube – go figure! 

But, it’s important to know that, when it comes to working out via YouTube, anyone can upload to the platform. Meaning if you’re not careful, the so-called ‘pregnancy-safe workout’ you’re about to stream might, in fact, be not all that safe. This is why Pregnancy and Postpartum TV is our pick of the bunch – the ‘channel’ (as YouTube likes to call it) is dedicated entirely to pregnancy and postpartum fitness, and it’s run by a registered pre-and-postnatal fitness instructor (so you know that sh*t’s legit). You’ll find everything from yoga and full-body workouts to videos on natural birthing positions and even ways to stretch out swollen feet (just another of those wonderful pregnancy symptoms). The offering for postpartum is just as bountiful too! 

To get a-sweatin’, click here

Pregnancy and Postpartum TV online pregnancy workout

Source: Pregnancy and Postpartum TV Instagram

Well, go shimmy into your Lululemons and grab a snack and a glass of water; it’s time to work out, mama-to-be. Good on you for getting active (all while growing a whole human being, no less)! 

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