10 of the best stretch mark creams and oils

Stretch marks can be part and parcel of bringing new life into this world. And while they often have a bad rap, we like to think of them as a badass entry code into the cool AF club that is motherhood.

Whether you’re looking to prevent those beautiful tiger stripes, minimize their appearance, or simply relieve the itch that can come with them as your beautiful belly expands, there’s a stretch mark cream out there for you. Here’s our top ten.

Best budget-friendly stretch mark cream

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks is packed with shea butter, natural oils, collagen, elastin, and lutein to keep your gorgeous skin moisturized during and even after pregnancy (a blessing, because your skin can be extra dry after baby thanks to hormonal changes in your ‘bod). 

Other elements to love about this stretch mark product include:

  • It’s said to moisturize skin for 48 hours (wow!).
  • It’s free from mineral oil, parabens, and phthalate.
  • It’s dermatologist-approved.
  • It’s hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • It’s well-priced and comes in a nice, big pump-pack bottle (hence why it’s our pick of the bunch for the best budget-friendly stretch mark product!).

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Source: Palmer’s

Best fragrance-free stretch mark cream

One of the most common pregnancy symptoms? A heightened sense of smell, which can see you start to despise smells you had previously loved or didn’t even notice, including those associated with the products you use.  

This is why we love Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter – it’s fragrance-free! Meaning you can moisturize your skin, mama, without feeling, well, ill (because no one wants that!). 

This delightful belly butter is 99 per cent natural and 100 per cent nutrient-rich thanks to the inclusion of shea butter and vitamin E in its nourishing formula. We also love that it comes in a luxe-looking jar. 

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Source: Burt’s Bees

Best overall stretch mark oil

Stretch mark products come in the form of creams, but also in the form of oils too. And the latter can feel truly wonderful on itchy, stretching belly skin!

We love Weleda’s Stretch Mark Massage Oil for several reasons:

  • It’s certified natural.
  • It’s rich in vitamin E, wheat germ, almond, and jojoba oils, which work to reduce the appearance of stretch marks while nourishing the cr*p out of your skin.
  • It’s free from parabens, phthalates, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic fragrances.
  • It’s not tested on animals. 

You can thank us for this find later!

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Source: Weleda

Best smelling stretch mark cream

Earth Mama’s divine Belly Butter is rich, thick, and brimming with organic herbs and oils that are, according to the brand, traditionally used to promote the skin’s natural elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Plus, read reviews of this product, and moms call out its gorgeous floral citrus smell as a particular favorite. Where do we sign up? 

Other things we love about this belly butter are:

  • It’s been dermatologist and clinically tested.
  • It doesn’t contain petroleum, mineral oil, parabens, or artificial fragrance.
  • It’s not just for pregnancy – it’s also luxurious for everyday use before and after pregnancy. 

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Source: Earth Mama Organics

Best organic stretch mark cream

If organic products are a must in your books during pregnancy, check out Glow Organics’ Belly Butter. 

It’s nourishing as hell, helps prevent stretch marks, and relieves the itch that can come as your belly expands. Yet, it’s free from parabens, synthetics, dyes, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial fragrances and is vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. Oh, and it’s fragrance-free. What’s not to love?!  

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Source: Glow Organics

Best scientifically-formulated stretch mark oil

Ok, apparently, this was Kim Kardashian’s go-to during pregnancy. Need we say more?!

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil is clinically proven and recommended by dermatologists to help improve the appearance of stretch marks while locking in moisture. It’s formulated with vitamin E to maintain healthy-looking skin, chamomile and lavender oil to protect against inflammation, and purcellin oil for fast absorption. 

Not only this, but it’s readily available in drugstores and is budget-friendly. 

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Source: Ulta Beauty

Best all-over stretch mark cream

Fact: stretch marks can pop up during pregnancy on your belly, yes. But they can also appear on your hips, boobs, legs, arms, and even your back. 

Enter Mustela’s Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, which is designed to be used all over your body. It’s dermatologist and pediatrician-tested, is 96 per cent natural, and is breastfeeding-friendly, should you decide to continue using this delightful cream after pregnancy too. 

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Source: Mustela

Best dermatologist-recommended stretch mark cream

Read the product description of Mederma’s Stretch Marks Therapy cream, and you’ll note that it boasts it’s the “#1 dermatologist-recommended brand of Stretch Mark Cream”. A bold claim, but this product backs it up. It:

  • Combines botanical ingredients with hyaluronic acid and Centella Asiatica, a medicinal herb known for its therapeutic benefits. 
  • Hydrates skin to prevent stretch marks and helps improve the appearance of stretch marks (a double whammy).
  • Penetrates the skin to lock in moisture, help cell renewal, and aid collagen formation.

Oh, and it’s safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All things we love to hear!

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Source: Walgreens

Best-feeling stretch mark cream

You’re growing a baby, mama. So you deserve to feel like the queen you are. And what stretch mark product is fit for a queen, you ask? Willow by the Sea’s Belly Butter, we say.

This gorgeous stretch mark product is made in Australia and is replenishing AF – it’s a waterless formula, meaning it’s highly concentrated and just feels so damn nice on your belly. The shea butter and almond oil in its ingredients list work to lock in moisture and support skin elasticity while soothing tight, itchy skin. Did we mention it’s organic and smells absolutely divine too?

Side note: Willow by the Sea also makes a belly oil if you prefer and a nipple balm should you need post-baby. 

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Source: Willow by the Sea

Best splurge stretch mark cream

Let’s just say that we love the name of this product just as much as we love what’s in it. 

Mutha’s Body Butter was developed by founder Hope Smith when she was pregnant as an all-natural yet luxurious and – most importantly – effective solution to what was available on the market. It’s made from butters and oils directly obtained from a plant’s reproductive parts (goodness gracious!) and is brimming with essential fatty acids, antioxidants, carotene, and vitamins A, C, D, and E (beauty-talk for “stuff that’s damn good for your skin”). 

It’s also free from parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and sulfates and isn’t tested on animals. Love! 

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Source: Violet Grey

There you have it, girl. Now, know that this is just a small selection of stretch mark products available and that you might find yourself a devotee of one or using multiple during your pregnancy. Be sure to save your favorite(s) to your ‘Pregnancy Essentials’ collection on Mumli, and share with us if you find a stretch mark product you love that’s not on our list (knowledge sharing is the best kind of sharing!). 

And to learn more about your skin during pregnancy, read our pieces on how to prevent stretch marks and common pregnancy skin concerns

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