Are you having a boy or girl? Here’s how to tell

The moment you see that little blue line appear, it’s likely that the first thing you’ll think is “Holy sh*t”. Once that initial panic attack has subsided though, you’ll probably begin wondering “Will I have a boy or girl?”. 

It’s one of the more enjoyable aspects of pregnancy – dreaming of what your little one will be like, measuring every symptom and devouring all the theories on gender signs. You might even test out one of the many gender prediction tests to try and determine whether you’re having a baby boy or girl. And while everyone from your mom to the Amazon delivery guy will ask, “Do you know what you’re having?”, the choice to (accurately) find out is completely up to you. You can do this with a simple blood test from as early as 10 weeks, or wait until your 20 week ultrasound, often dubbed the ‘gender reveal’ scan. 

So, am I having a boy or girl?

This is a question that has no doubt been asked since humans first stood tall and waved goodbye to our ape-like relatives. The earliest recorded attempts to predict a baby’s sex, though, date back to Egyptian times and involved urine and barley grains (don’t ask). Even the Ancient Greek Hippocrates had a theory that a woman carrying a boy would have a bigger right breast. (You’re checking your breasts right now, aren’t you?) 

This idea that a male baby would favor the right side of the body – which was thought to be ‘warmer’ – carried on through to the Middle Ages. During this time, a woman carrying a boy was supposed to lead with their right foot, and have a belly that leaned to the right, like a large round Tower of Pisa.

If all of this sounds crazy… we’re just getting started! Gender prediction is not only one of the most fun aspects of having a baby, but it can – in some cases – give you a pretty good idea of the little baby you’re about to meet. We do ask, however, if you feel the need to do a gender reveal party, try not to start a State-wide fire that burns for several weeks. It’s a small, but important request.

Signs you’re having a girl   

So, let’s look at some of the ways you can predict if you’re having a mini-me. A sassy, little replica, who will slam doors with hormonal rage once they hit the 8th grade, but who will also be a bestie for life. 

High Heart Rate

All young babies have high heart rates and, trust us, this will freak you the f*ck out as a new mom, especially at 3am when you’re tired and they are crying (don’t worry we’ve all been there). However, have you heard the old wives’ tale that says if your babe has a heart rate over 140 beats per minute, you’re having a girl? 

Our take: While there’s little evidence to support the heart rate gender prediction theory, listening to your unborn baby’s heart rate, or feeling it in your tummy, is one of the most miraculous moments in life. Enjoy every second of it and test out this theory anyway.

Your Bump

This is one indicator that your mom or your grandmother might have told you about. The thinking is, if your bump is high up, almost to your rib cage, then you’re having a girl. If it’s hanging down low, feeling “heavy” then you’re having a boy. On top of this, if your belly sticks straight out in front of you, then you’re having a girl and if your bump is wide, then you might be having a boy. 

Our take: It doesn’t sound very scientific (because it’s not) but taking photos of your bump throughout your pregnancy will give you an idea of how your bub is growing and it’ll be something you can show your little one when they grow up. Win-win.

Morning Sickness

Now, here’s a little secret. Morning sickness, despite its name, can come ANY TIME OF DAY. Don’t think this sucker will be gone by lunchtime, the morning sickness gods don’t own watches. On a positive note, if you’re suffering from terrible morning sickness, especially in your first trimester, well, this might just be a sign you’re having a girl.

Our take: Pleasingly, there is some scientific baking to this! A 2021 study found that the majority of women who gave birth to baby girls, did indeed report higher frequencies of morning sickness. 

Chinese Gender Prediction Chart

Created over 700 years ago, this gender prediction method has been used for centuries by Chinese women. The calendar is based on your age and the month you conceived so you can use it at any time during your pregnancy, and being numbers based, it is of course very safe to do.

Our take: While some people say they have 90 per cent accuracy using this calendar, there isn’t any scientific study which backs that up. So, treat it like your horoscope: fun to do and taken with a grain of salt. 

Signs you’re having a boy

Little boys are hilarious pocket rockets who don’t have an off switch but who are full of giggles and growth spurts making them taller than you ever were. Here are some ways to tell if you’re baking one. 

Placenta positioning

If you haven’t thought about your placenta yet, now’s the time. Basically, the placenta is like a little oxygen and nutrient pack that fits nicely into the uterus to support the growth of your little one. Your baby’s support team, if you will. Myth has it that if your placenta is attached to the right side of your uterus, you might very well be having a boy.

Our take: There isn’t much scientific backing for this, however it does relate in some way back to what good old Hippocrates was thinking about the right side of our bodies indicating boy babies. So, who knows?


One of the most confusing and hilarious symptoms of incubating a new human is the food your body hankers for as you do it. Gherkins and ice cream? Sure. Mac and cheese, with a side of jam? Of course! And apparently, if you’re lusting after salty snacks (as opposed to sweet ones), you’re showing signs of having a boy. 

Our take: Scientists still have a way to go when it comes to understanding and researching the cause of food cravings, so in the meantime, we say… pass the pretzels!

Ring test

Ah, the famous ring test! First, take a ring with significance (a wedding or commitment ring, usually), pluck a strand of hair or some string, and dangle the ring over your bump. The thinking is, if the ring moves around in a circle, you can expect a little mister. If it flows back and forth in a straight line, it’s a girl. 

Our take: This little predictor has been used for generations and, frankly, it’s fun to do at baby showers, on Thanksgiving and any time family is gathered. There’s absolutely no proof it works, but we have girlfriends who swear by it.

Breast Size

As every pregnant woman is acutely aware, one of the first changes to your rapidly adjusting body is in your chest area (Hot tip: buy your feeding bras early and wear them during your pregnancy. So comfortable!). And there’s even a theory that if your lady lumps grow extra-large, you may well be having a boy. 

Our take: Happily, this one actually has some backing to it. A 2011 study found that the participating women who felt their breasts grew significantly during their pregnancy, did go on to have boys. So, take note of your cup size!

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