Can I just say?

Pregnant Mama,

Can I just say how amazing you are?

It can be easy to forget that.

But you are.

Please know that you are.

That body of yours is working miracles every single day right now.

You are giving so much, more than you give yourself credit for.

There is so much strength in you. You are so powerful.

And can I just say how great you look?

I know this isn’t the most important thing, but it’s still important.

You may not feel great or like you look great right now, but you do.

You have the look of growth, of sacrifice, of love.

And it suits you.

And Mama, can I also just say that this won’t be forever?

I know some days are so hard right now.

You can feel heavy, and tired, and like time is moving by at a snail pace.

But this is just a season.  It will pass. You will get through it.

And your forever will come.

And can I just say that it’s ok to do what you want to do?

Rest. Keep busy. Eat for two. Eat for four. Do whatever you need to do to get through this.

Because there’s a lot to get through.

And there’s even more outside noise.

But this is your journey, not anyone else’s.

And Mama, can I also just say that you are allowed to complain?

It doesn’t make you ungrateful, or mean you love your child any less.

It just means you are a human growing a human. You are allowed to be human too.

So vent away.

Venting every now and then is healthy.

It is normal.

And can I just say that I see you?

I see you carrying on with everything else.

I see you getting up at night to tend to other children.

I see you getting up to tend to your own bladder, or insomnia, or everything else that can come with being pregnant.

I see just how much you are right now.

You are everything.

And Mama, can I finally just say that you’ve got this?

Because you do.

You have got exactly what it takes to be their mum.

Don’t ever doubt that.

Trust yourself.

Trust this process.

And trust that one day soon it will be all worth it.

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