10 cute AF baby announcement ideas for Christmas

Announcing that you’re welcoming a baby is so exciting any time of the year. But there’s something extra special about doing so at Christmas. Like, it’s Hallmark movie-level cute!

So if you’ll be announcing a new addition to your fam’ this festive season, here are 10 adorable announcement ideas to give you inspiration for how to break the merriest of news to your nearest and dearest.

Elf on the Shelf baby announcement

From bringing festive cheer to homes around the world to… helping parents-to-be announce their pregnancy?! Who knew Elf on the Shelf was so versatile.

This aside, using these cute (albeit mischievous) little elves for a pregnancy announcement is a gorgeous way to let the world know you’re growing your own little elf (or elves). You just set up a photo of them holding an ultrasound scan photo, which you can then share on social media, via text or email, or print out. 

You can even keep the Elf on the Shelf dolls to use with your little one(s) down the line.

Buy an Elf on the Shelf here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

elf on the shelf baby announcement

Source: Momtastic

‘We’re Pregnant’ tree ornament surprise

There’s nothing more synonymous with Christmas than Christmas tree ornaments. 

We love the idea of popping this little ‘We’re Pregnant’ ornament on a friend or family’s tree and letting them make a joyful discovery. If you’re hoping to reveal your pregnancy on social media, why not set up a hidden camera to capture the reactions and create a beautiful vid’ to share.  

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

'We're Pregnant' tree ornament baby announcement

Source: Etsy

“I’m the cool aunt” mug Christmas gift

This pregnancy announcement idea is so effortless yet so delightful.

Nestle this “I’m the cool aunt” mug under the Christmas tree for your sister or sister-in-law. Just watch their face light up as they read the message and connect the dots. You could even print and hide a photo from your first ultrasound scan in the mug too.

PS. This is also an idea you can use year-round if you’re not yet ready to announce your pregnancy this Christmas.

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

“I’m the cool aunt" mug Christmas gift baby announcement

Source: Etsy

“We’re adopting” Christmas photoshoot

Babies can come into our lives via many different ways and means – including adoption.

If you’re adopting and hoping to share the wonderful news with your friends and family this Christmas, we love this photoshoot as inspiration. 

Grab your partner and some adorable little baby accessories, like shoes (extra points for festive-themed ones), and a photographer (or a family member or friend). Then, pick your favorite shots to either share on social media, turn into a Christmas card, or even frame and gift to your loved ones for the ultimate surprise!

"We're adopting" Christmas photoshoot announcement

Source: Elizabeth Eden

A very festive baby announcement flat lay

There’s no better time to crack out your flat lay photography skills than for a pregnancy announcement. You can have so much fun getting creative, and we love this festive-themed one to help announce you’ve got a little bun in the oven.

Grab a tartan blanket or a red piece of fabric, layer over Christmas lights, a sprig of pine (real or fake, whatever you can find), and props like a baby onesie (bonus points if you can source one with a festive message), booties, and an ultrasound scan print out (if you have one). 

Arrange decoratively, capture, and share to your heart’s content mama-to-be – whether that’s by printing the image for a Christmas card or via social media.

Christmas festive baby announcement flat lay

Source: Tayywow Instagram

“Merry Christmas Nanny & Poppy” onesie gift

This onesie is such a heartfelt way of letting your parents (or your in-laws) know they’re about to become grandparents. 

It’s fully personalizable with your little-one-to-be’s grandparents’ names and the year they’ll be born. Simply wrap it up and pop it under the tree – it’ll be a gift your parents or your in-laws will never forget. We can almost guarantee there won’t be a dry eye in the house when it’s opened.

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

"Merry Christmas Nanny & Poppy” onesie gift baby announcement

Source: Etsy

“Eating Christmas cookies for three” t-shirt

Ok, we love this t-shirt. Pop it on for whatever festive events you have in the calendar, and not only will you give those around you fair warning that you’re going hard on the Christmas cookies (’tis the season, after all), but it’s a sweet (pun intended) way to share your beautiful baby news.

There are many versions of this “Eating Christmas cookies for…” shirt available, most reading “for two”. But we can’t help but share this version that says you’re “eating for three”… because twins are the best!

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

"Eating Christmas cookies for three" t-shirt baby announcement

Source: Etsy

“The best gifts” Christmas cards

These little cards are perhaps the cutest way of announcing you’re pregnant, and we adore their festive play on words. The look on your friend’s and family’s faces as they read the message will be priceless – so mail them if you need to, but we think watching your loved ones open them will be such a joyful moment too.

You could even keep one for yourself to help announce on social media. Just photograph it on a plain background or next to, say, a pair of little booties, and you have a chic image to share.

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

"The best gifts" Christmas cards baby announcement

Source: Etsy

“No More Silent Nights” editable announcement

We’re all about making life easier here at Mumli. This is why we’re fond of a good old editable, digital pregnancy announcement that you can easily update with the info you like and share with the world via email, text, social media, or even in card form (if you print it).

There are zillions out there (especially on Etsy), and one for every season (including, you guessed it, Christmas). We think this particular editable announcement is especially adorable and so relevant to parenting – no more silent nights indeed.

Buy it here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

"No More Silent Nights" editable baby announcement

Source: Etsy

Christmas baby booties surprise

After you’ve recovered from how f*cking charming these little booties are, we’ve got a lovely Christmas pregnancy announcement idea for you.

Purchase a pair of knitted baby booties – like the ones linked below. Pick someone in your life you want to surprise with your pregnancy (like your parents, your partner, or your bestie). Wrap the booties, and hide under the tree. Let their recipient put two and two together when opened!

A quick note: the seller also offers the booties on their own (i.e., unboxed and without a message) and with different messages to suit whomever you’re surprising. 

Buy them here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

Christmas baby booties surprise baby announcement

Source: Etsy

Happy announcing, mama-to-be. Telling others you’re having a baby is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy or planning for a baby (apart from meeting your little one, of course). Enjoy it!

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