How to know if you’re pregnant in 5 steps

You think you might be pregnant?! Okay, that’s BIG news. Exciting! (Maybe a little scary too.) Whatever your reason for suspecting pregnancy, know that you’re not alone. Far from it! Women since the dawn of time have birthed babies. It’s one hell of a ride, and it’s why we’ve created Mumli. To surround you with a loving, understanding community to be by your side for this entire journey.

But wait… before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s confirm that you’re actually pregnant. Otherwise that pep talk was a little unnecessary.

If you just have a hunch, here are some steps to take to confirm your pregnancy.

Step 1: Assess your symptoms

There’s probably a reason you think you’re pregnant. Maybe you’ve got some symptoms of pregnancy, like:

If you’re experiencing any of these (or some of the more unusual early pregnancy symptoms), it doesn’t definitely mean you’re pregnant. Bodies and hormones are weird AF, and pregnancy symptoms could actually be related to other health issues. Hell, it could even just be PMS!

Step 2:  Check your pill packet 

Obviously, skip this step if you’re not on the pill. If you are, though, you may have a realisation.

Oh sh*t…. I’m a day behind.

Experienced this before? The panic is real. Of course, skipping a day doesn’t automatically result in pregnancy. And actually, the pill is only really 99 percent effective (93 percent if we take into account human error). 

Regardless, the investigations into if you’re pregnant or not will need to continue.

Step 3: Do some calculations 

If you’re one of those women whose periods are like clockwork, check your diary (or menstruation app or whatever you use) and try to pinpoint when your period should have come. If you’re only a few days behind, it’s probably on its way (in a cruel twist of fate, premenstrual symptoms can be sneakily similar to pregnancy symptoms). Now, try to remember if/when you’ve had sex recently. 

Perhaps you’re getting closer to ‘knowing’, but you still can’t be certain that you’re pregnant until you…

Step 4: Take a pregnancy test 

Okay, time to take a pregnancy test. You can pick up a home testing kit from a pharmacy or supermarket for fairly cheap, and can test as early as two weeks after ovulation. 

If the test comes up negative but you’re still suspicious, test again – maybe in a few days. It doesn’t always show up very early on in the pregnancy.

Step 5: See a doctor 

If your pregnancy test was positive (congrats!), OR if it was negative but you feel worried about any of your pregnancy-like symptoms, book a visit to your GP. They’ll be able to confirm pregnancy via blood test and then book in a dating scan for you if needed (say, if you have zero idea of how far along you might be).

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