Missed a period? First signs of pregnancy

Well, hello. We’re not sure what landed you here – whether you calmly and curiously just typed ‘what are the early signs of pregnancy?’ into Google, or whether it was more like “HELP! I MISSED MY PERIOD! WTF?!”
Either way, we’re here to chat early pregnancy symptoms. 

(Also, if you’re the latter… sit down, have a cup of tea. Take deep breaths.)

Let’s cover off some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, and how to know if you are indeed with child.

Early pregnancy symptoms

1. Missed period

This is the one you hear about in the movies, right? “I’m late!” But it doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. Actually, it’s quite common for a period to be a few days late.

Consider some of the other reasons your period might be late. You could:

  • Be under heaps of stress
  • Be unwell
  • Have lost or gained a lot of weight
  • Be breastfeeding
  • Just have crazy periods.

It’s not uncommon for women to experience some light bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, too. So period or no period – this isn’t a definitive way of knowing whether or not you’re pregnant.

2. Feeling sick or having tummy troubles

Morning sickness affects around half of pregnant women. It also needs a bit of a rebrand, because it’s not always a morning thing – you could experience nausea or vomiting at any time of day. As an early sign of pregnancy, morning sickness could occur from around 4 weeks, and can last till the second trimester for many women.

Other tummy upsets in early pregnancy can include feeling bloated or more gassy than usual, constipation (experienced by 10-40% of pregnant women) or cramps.

3. Big, sore boobs

Another first sign of pregnancy could be changes to your boobs! The girls may feel extra large, sore and heavy, or they could even feel tingly. This is because they’re already starting to change structure in preparation for breastfeeding. 

Some women experience breast tenderness before a menstrual cycle – it’s kinda like that!

4. Feeling really tired

Maybe no matter how much sleep you get, you just feel bloody exhausted. One of your first signs of pregnancy could be fatigue/exhaustion. It’s no wonder, really, considering all the changes happening inside your body. A cheeky hormone called progesterone is likely a key cause of the tiredness, plus the fact that your body is working overtime to produce extra blood for your pregnancy.

Take note: your body is telling you to slow down, rest and take it easy! Do it.

5. Peeing up a storm

If you need to pee more than usual, this could be an early sign of pregnancy too! Increased toilet visitation is common early on pregnancy as your uterus starts to grow and press on your bladder. Pregnancy hormones and increased bodily fluid will also add to your constant need to wee. 

6. Weird cravings (or just wanting all the FOOD)

Hormonal changes during early pregnancy can make your body hanker for some really weird sh*t. Think very specific things like ‘frozen supermarket pizzas’, ‘lime cordial’ or ‘strawberry milk’ (see more examples of cravings from mums we talked to).

You might also just feel really, really hungry and want all the carbs! Women can experience increased hunger from early on in pregnancy, but it’s more common once morning sickness subsides in the second trimester. While you may need to eat more to meet your baby’s growing needs, filling up on nutritious wholefoods will set you up for a healthy pregnancy and postpartum, and avoid postpartum depletion down the track. 

The first signs of pregnancy can be crazy uncomfortable and may worry you a bit. If you think you might be pregnant, or you’re concerned about your symptoms, book a visit to your doctor. 

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