Our guide to maternity wear brands (for every type of mama!)

The phrase “I’ve got nothing to wear” has never felt more true than during pregnancy. For me, my boobies went first; my tops suddenly didn’t fit. For others, it might be your bump; one day your jeans just don’t do up. 

Not only are you navigating the ever-constant changes to your body during pregnancy, but you’re also figuring out what the f*ck to wear. Because literally nothing in your wardrobe fits. 

However, don’t fear mamas-to-be. We’ve got your back. Here’s our guide to maternity wear brands for every type of mama.

The ‘street-wear-loving’ mama

If your vibe is “I’m a cool mum, not a regular mum”, ASOS, H&M and Topshopare for you. 

While each of these brands are known for their non-preggo clothes, they also have maternity ranges that mirror their regular lines pretty convincingly. ASOS and H&M’s maternity ranges are available through their websites and apps, and you can buy Topshop through The Iconic and ASOS. 

The ‘needs-a-good-wardrobe-staple’ mama

You’re likely going to need some wardrobe staples during pregnancy, particularly if you’re still heading into work. Think well-cut and designed jeans, pants, skirts, tops, dresses and more. For this, take a look at Mamaway, Ripe Maternity and Pea In A Pod

I can vouch for the comfort of Mamaway’s jeans (I wore mine 39.5 out of 40 weeks of pregnancy, they were that good), and Ripe’s work pants are a go-to. Pea In A Pod has the softest-feeling tops, many of which are also breastfeeding friendly. Each brand is available online, while Ripe Maternity has stores across Australia and is available at Myer, and Pea In A Pod has a store in Victoria. 

Me in my fave Mamaway jeans:

The ‘mama-on-a-budget’

If (like many of us!) you are saving your dollars before baby, check out Target, Cotton On, Kmartand Best & Less.

All of these stores stock great basics (including undies, bras and swimwear!) as well as some trend-driven pieces at friendly prices. They also all stock a-bloody-dorable kids clothes, so you can scope out items for your little one too. You can find Target, Cotton On, Kmart and Best & Less across Australia and online. You can also grab Cotton On maternity wear on The Iconic. 

The ‘loves-to-support-local’ mama

Hands up if you knew that there’s a legion of kick-a*s Aussie maternity wear labels? Say hello to Bae The Label, Legoe Heritage and Lauren Matthews Maternity

We love Bae The Label and Legoe Heritage’s flirty dresses and skirts, and Lauren Matthews Maternity’s thoughtfully designed basics. Bae and Legoe are available on their brand websites, in specialty stores and through The Iconic, and Lauren Matthews sells through her website. 

And if you’re looking for more Aussie maternity wear brands, Ripe Maternity and Pea In A Pod, which we mentioned above, are from ‘down under’, too! 

The ‘fancy-AF’ mama

You might be a boujee babe, or you might have an event on the horizon that you need to glam up for. Whatever the case, have a look at Hatch, Seraphine and Isabella Olivier

Hatch sells, amongst many other things, jumpsuits that look killer during and after pregnancy, while Seraphine does divine occasion dresses. And Isabella Olivier serves up elevated staples. Hatch, which is an American brand, is available to purchase on its brand website, while Seraphine and Isabella Olivier, which are both from the UK, are available through The Iconic. 

Side note from one mama to another: while pregnancy may (rightfully so!) involve a lot of loungewear, do get yourself at least one outfit you feel like a boss b*tch in because you’re growing a human and you deserve to feel like the bada*ss you are. Even if it’s to wear to dinner in your own home, because #covid. 

The ‘I-don’t-want-to-wear-maternity-clothes’ mama

There may also be times during your pregnancy where you just want to shop at a normal store. We get it; you feel like you’re the size of a house but don’t want to be reminded of it. 

Here’s where brands like Uniqlo and Zara come in; they often have oversized styles, options with elasticated waists, shirring, and more. Plus they’re relatively budget friendly. 

But, a word of warning: if you are buying ‘regular’ clothes with the view of wearing things after baby, make sure it’s something you can pop a boob in if you’re planning to breastfeed. Many maternity brands sell clothes that can be worn during pregnancy and feeding, but this functionality is not often considered in high street lines. So, for example, go for a button-down shirt dress rather than a high neck dress, as this will be much easier for feeding. 

There are of course many other brands out there. Mamas, what are your favourites? And do you have any tips for dressing a bump? Let us know in the comments below!

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