8 best brands to shop for bump-friendly event wear

Dressing a baby bump can feel like a challenge at the best of times. What will fit over your belly? What’s comfy? What will contain your giant pregnancy boobies?! But add in a dress code or a specific type of event, and picking a bump-friendly outfit can feel hellish. We get it!

So, here are 8 of the best brands to shop for bump-friendly event wear, as well as our favorite current styles from each. 

Legoe Heritage

This Aussie maternity-wear brand is lush. It pairs carefully selected textiles with sharp modern designs that you can wear just as much after pregnancy as you do throughout those nine months. 

Styles we love:

Shop Legoe Heritage here

Pictured: Hvar Linen Maxidress. 

Source: Legoe Heritage

BAE the Label

BAE the Label is on a mission to make maternity wear fashionable. (We love this for us.) Which makes this Aussie brand a must-shop for any event you have on the calendar during pregnancy. (And beyond, for that matter – many of its clothes are designed for wear post-pregnancy, too). 

Styles we love:

Shop BAE the Label here.

Pictured: Rendezvous Rib Knit Twinset

Source: BAE the Label


Seraphine is a go-to for any occasion during pregnancy, from a casual get-together to a black-tie event. All its clothes are designed to help moms feel their best during pregnancy while staying true to their style and celebrating their gorgeous new curves.

Styles we love:

Shop Seraphine here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.) 

Pictured: Claret Maternity & Nursing Evening Dress

Source: Seraphine


Ok, HATCH’s clothes are chic AF. The brand was created by a mom of two who was looking for elevated maternity clothing, but… well, couldn’t find it. Enter Hatch: a line of timeless, stylish wear designed to be worn at every stage of pregnancy and motherhood (yes, it offers nursing-friendly clothes too). We particularly love Hatch’s range of jumpsuits – they’re boss! 

Styles we love:

  • For an afternoon (non-alcoholic) aperitif, try HATCH’s Cannes Gown
  • For a dressy bridal shower, try HATCH’s Harlow Dress.
  • For a laid-back dinner at your corner Italian, try HATCH’s Belen Dress.

Shop HATCH here

Pictured: Harlow Dress

Source: HATCH


We know Wolford isn’t a maternity wear brand. But, the hosiery brand also makes gorgeous clothes, many of which are wonderfully stretchy (so bump appropriate) – its Fatal Dress was Kim Kardashian’s go-to dress during pregnancy. 

Styles we love:

  • For a night out on the town (even if you’re home by 9 pm), try Wolford’s Fatal Dress.
  • For a cool-weather cocktail event, try Wolford’s Aurora Dress. 
  • For an event-packed vacation (you know, the one with a dinner every night!), try Wolford’s Fatal Skirt (it can be a mini dress, a top, a skirt – versatility!).

Shop Wolford here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Pictured: Fatal Dress

Source: Wolford

Nothing Fits But

This South Korean brand offers perhaps some of the most stylish maternity wear we’ve ever seen. Designed by a mom on a mission to prove maternity clothes can be fashionable, each item is made with the best fabrics and the chicest of cuts. We love that it offers styles for any occasion too, from a very casual affair or a dressier get-together. 

Styles we love:

  • For high tea, try Nothing Fits But’s Haru Dress.  
  • For a festive-season cookie swap, try Nothing Fits But’s Aria Dress.
  • For a picnic in the park, try Nothing Fits But’s Pleated Tie Dye Dress (pair it with white sneakers for a fresh look).

Shop Nothing Fits But here

Pictured: Aria Dress 

Source: Nothing Fits But


Love ASOS? Us too. So you can only imagine how thrilled we are that they have a maternity collection featuring over 1,000 bump-friendly items – including so, so many fabulous dresses…

Styles we love:

Shop ASOS here. (Or here, if you’re in the US.)

Pictured: Frill Open Back Satin Midi Dress

Source: ASOS

Bump Biddy

Do you know what we love about Bump Biddy? This California-based brand has a style to suit any type of expecting mom (yep, even those that love to hit the afterparty) and in a range of sizes for all body types. Yes, queens! 

Styles we love:

Shop Bump Biddy here


Source: Bump Biddy

Well, now you’re covered for any dress code or event that comes your way. So get out there, celebrate your beautiful bump, and live it up, you goddamn goddess, you! 

For more inspiration on dressing your bump, read our guide to maternity wear brands we love for every type of mama and to breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe essentials (to get you in the zone, mama to be). 

Editor’s note: all styles mentioned in this article are available as of December 2021.

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