Top baby girl names of 2022

Maybe you’re shortlisting girl baby names with your partner in the lead-up to birth, or perhaps you’re already at the stage of your nurse demanding to know what to write on the cot card (#PanicNaming). Wherever you’re at, we know you want to find the best, most unique and fitting name for your daughter – whether she exists yet or you’re still patiently waiting for her.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve trawled the internet, asked around, and dug into naming trends research to compile a list of baby girl names that are unique, for mums like you. 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we’re often drawn to baby names that resonate with our own personality. But it’s not always easy to find ‘the one’.

Why are baby names for girls so hard to find?! 

Choosing someone’s name is a big responsibility. Your child is going to have that name their whole life. (No pressure or anything.)

So before you delve into our list, remember that cute baby girl names can reveal themselves to you in a variety of places:

  • Your family tree.
  • Online name directories or apps like Kinder.
  • Books or movies.
  • Memories, visions or dreams (that happened to me!).
  • Physical locations (towns, states or countries).
  • Inspiring people from your life or history.

Nothing coming to you? No worries. Read on, mama.

Top baby girl names: unique picks for a mum like you

Which type of mum do you relate to? Read on to review the most unique baby girl names of 2022 to suit a mum like you.

The Vintage Mum: Retro baby girl names

The Vintage Mum dreams of a simpler time: listening to the radio (or the record player), baking cookies, and taking the perambulator for a stroll through the village. She may have her wardrobe stocked with smart-looking dresses (as impractical as they are for breastfeeding) and consider high heels as casual wear.

You may also refer to The Vintage mum as ‘The Traditional Mum’, or ‘The Old-Timey Mum’. She’ll be drawn to traditional baby girl names like:

  • Jane – Meaning ‘god is gracious’, the name Jane is anything but plain. It’s been a go-to for mums that prefer an elegant, sophisticated and traditional name.

  • Eleanor – This is one of those adorable baby girl names that deserves a solid comeback. For starters, it’s beautifully feminine and classic. But we’re also a bit obsessed with the cute variation ‘Ellie’!

  • Aurora – Meaning ‘dawn’ in Latin, Aurora is associated with Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, the famous Northern Lights and the Roman goddess of sunrise, whose tears turned into morning dew. (‘Rory’ for short is adorable.)

  • Iris – Iris means ‘rainbow’ in Greek, so this name could be a gorgeous name to help you honour a past pregnancy loss. But let’s not forget that the word also describes the coloured part of the eye, and a beautiful coloured flower. It has a lovely traditional vibe but also a beautiful meaning.

  • Rose – Is there a name more classic and lovely than ‘Rose’? We also love ‘Rosie’ as a cute nickname, a cheerful twist on the original.

The Cultured AF Mum: French and Irish inspired baby girl names

The Cultured AF Mum will always rock up to your house with some sort of boujee French wine or classical music playlist to set the vibe. She’ll be well-read in global history, and may spend her afternoons painting, reading, or trying to convince her children that other kids definitely eat olives and camembert. A Cultured AF Mum will favour complex, classy baby girl names, like those of Irish or French descent. Think:

  • Maeve – This name may translate to ‘she who intoxicates’ in Irish, but Maeve remains one of those girl baby names that are unique and pretty. In Irish mythology, there are several Maeves who are queens and warriors. Oooh!

  • Sloane – A sturdy name of Irish origin, this sleek and sophisticated short girls’ name means ‘raider’. It’s not very common now, but we expect this one to catch on.

  • Ottilie – While this name may bear similarity to the German boys’ name ‘Otto’, in French it means ‘prosperous in battle’. It also bears the delicate nuance of a sweet French-inspired baby girl name.

  • Elodie – This is another beautiful French name for a baby girl. It translates to ‘foreign riches’, and feels almost lyrical in nature, similar to ‘melody’.

  • Genevieve – You can’t name your daughter Genevieve and not be a Culture AF Mum. This name is classy and distinctly French, meaning ‘tribe woman’.

The Nature Mum: Beautiful, nature-themed baby girl names

The Nature Mum is a true wanderer. She loves hiking, exploring and just being in nature. She can often be found outside somewhere, or picking up gear from Kathmandu or Patagonia. Because nature and the outdoors are so deeply set in her heart, she’ll be drawn to baby girl names that reflect that. Think plants, wildlife, open spaces, herbs and spices. Seasons, senses and elements. Names like these:

  • Luna – Harry Potter fans may immediately think of the spacey Luna Lovegood, but it’s also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. A great name for night owls or astrology enthusiasts.

  • Juniper – A small evergreen shrub often used to flavour gin, Juniper is also a cute baby girls’ name with a fresh, outdoorsy vibe.

  • Willow – This has been popping up more and more in recent years as a beautiful, whimsical name for baby girls. Pink was quoted saying she chose the name for her daughter because of the willow tree’s resilience – it can bend and withstand anything. How awesome!

  • Sage – A name of Latin origin, meaning ‘wise’, it’s also a gorgeous herb with soft velvety leaves and a musky taste. And it’s a very in-vogue green colour. Nature Mums are in love with Sage.

  • Flora – Fresh, floral and flouncy, Flora is a cute but unique baby girls’ name for a nature-lover. It literally means ‘flower’ in Latin.

The Progressive Mum: Trendy, unisex baby girl names

It’s 2022, y’all. Girls can wear blue, boys can play with dolls, and names don’t have to be gender-specific. At least that’s how The Progressive Mum sees it. She’s trendy, with the times and probably all over whatever topic they’re debating in the news at the moment. She’ll be drawn to gender-neutral, fun and unusual baby girl names like these:

  • Spencer – More common as a surname or boy’s name, we think it’s trendy and strong as a baby girl’s name too – proven by Troian Bellisario’s character in Pretty Little Liars.

  • Billie – Widely used in the 1900s (think Billie Holiday), this punchy name’s still got legs in 2022 as a cute name for either gender. Traditionally a shortened version of English names Wilhelmina or Wilma, it’s now used as a sweet baby girl name in its own right.

  • Harper – Here’s another cool baby girl name for 2022 which is more commonly seen as a surname. It’s got somewhat of a boyish feel to it, but also associates with music and softness (because… the harp).

  • Cameron – We LOVE Cameron as a girls’ name (and no, not just because of Cameron Diaz… Okay, a little bit). It’s a bold choice for a little girl. But The Woke Mum isn’t afraid to choose something a bit alternative.

  • River – The name River has become popular over the last decade, but is still quite a rare and unique baby girl’s name. We love its link to nature and the elements, and it works nicely as a boys’ name too.

The Boss Mum: Powerful goddess baby girl names

She might be an actual CEO or boss (go girl!), or perhaps she just acts like one. Regardless, The Boss Mum is definitely the boss of the house… although that position could be challenged by the arrival of an equally sassy and opinionated daughter. The Boss Mum is most likely a raging feminist (she’ll no doubt raise raging feminists too) and nothing fires her up more than mansplaining. She’ll choose something strong and powerful for her future baby girl’s name, channelling the strength of mythical goddesses.

  • Reagan – Pronounced ‘Ray-gan’, this name means ‘little king’ in Irish – an epic link to power and royalty! Just what a Boss Mum likes in girl baby names.

  • Venus – An ancient Roman goddess, Venus is also a planet and a famous female tennis star. It’s a pretty badass baby girl name.

  • Diana – If it’s good enough for Wonder Woman herself, Diana is a worthy choice for a Boss Mum’s daughter. This is a strong, beautiful name for a girl, meaning ‘divine’ in Latin.

  • Valentina – If you’re looking for beautiful long baby names for girls, Valentina is a great choice. Meaning ‘strength’ in Latin, it’s associated with health and romance (obviously… Valentine’s Day). What a bold and lovely choice for a baby girl.

  • Althea – This is one of the more unique baby girl names for 2022, meaning ‘with healing power’ in Greek. We love this choice for a future strong and independent woman. The shortened ‘Thea’ is also pretty awesome.

The Cutesy Mum: Really pretty baby girl names

We all know a Cutesy Mum. She’s adorable. She bakes yummy goodies (probably while wearing a floral apron). She has lovely hair and always smells nice. She may spend her evenings sipping on tea while planning crafty activities for her future little one. She’s probably already invested in an array of sparkly tutus for her daughter. Time to give this little girl a pretty, sparkly name to match. Here are some ideal cute baby girl names for a Cutesy Mum:

  • Poppy – This cute, beautiful baby girl’s name perfectly encapsulates the cheeky, vivacious nature of little girls. Of course, it’s related to the pretty red flower too, and could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to a little girl who ‘pops’ into your life unexpectedly.

  • Violet – The name of another gorgeous flower, we love that Violet has become trendy in the last few decades. The shortened ‘Lottie’ is also adorable.

  • Daphne – Pretty, sweet and quaint, Daphne is another good choice for a Cutesy Mum.

  • Jasmine – A beautiful Arabian Disney princess who rocks a midriff and a divine-smelling flower, Jasmine is the Persian word for ‘gift from God’. So sweet! ‘Jazz’ is cute for short too.

  • Rosalie – This is a lovely, old-fashioned baby girl name that many mamas overlook. Like Rose, it can be shortened to the very cute ‘Rosie’.

The Awestruck (Holy Sh*t) Mum: Whimsical baby girl names

The Awestruck Mum can’t believe she’s growing a f*cking human! (Pretty awesome stuff.) She’s constantly filled with wonder, and intentionally spends her days manifesting the power of Mother Nature and the elements. She’s probably enrolled into a HypnoBirth class, and she can often be found stroking her belly in bewilderment. These cute and unique baby girl names strike the right balance of whimsy, wonder and awe – a perfect fit for The Awestruck Mum:

  • Beatrice – While Beatrice may sound a bit ‘old-school’ for an Awestruck Mum (and yes it had its heyday in the early 1900s), it means ‘bringer of joy and blessings’ in Latin, which is pretty damn on-point if you can’t believe you’re birthing a human. We love ‘Bea’ for short too.

  • Gaia – In Greek Gaia means ‘Earth mother’. If you find yourself feeling very connected to the power of motherhood, then this gorgeous name could help you pay homage to the OG mother.

  • Inara – Baby girl names of Arabic origin don’t often spring to mind, but this one is just lovely. It means ‘shining light’, which is exactly what a baby IS in your life (well, when they’re not pooping and vomiting on you, that is).

  • Kaia – Whether you spell it Kaia or Kaya, this stunning name means ‘from the earth’. If you’re feeling particularly spiritual or ‘woo woo’ during pregnancy, you might really connect with this concept that we’re all a part of something amazing as mums – the creation of life. Pretty damn incredible.

  • Nova – If you’re drawn towards celestial baby names for girls, Nova hits the mark. It means ‘new’ in Latin. Pretty apt, considering you’re making a new person, starting a new stage of life, and becoming a new person yourself: welcome to motherhood!

The Cool Mum: Badass baby girl names

Also known as ‘The Alternative Mum’, this type of mum is just unbelievably cool. She’s always wearing sunglasses and looking stylish – even in her postpartum sweatpants. How does she even make the awkward business of breastfeeding look nonchalant and cool? The Cool Mum will be drawn to baby girl names that are unique, rare and downright badass. Like these:

  • Blaze – Coming in hot, we have the name Blaze. Baby girl names that relate to fire are obviously up there for a Cool Mum.

  • Astra – Astra means ‘of the stars’ in Latin. Whether you’re all about astrology and star signs or just love how it sounds, it’s a cool and unique baby girl name for sure!

  • Blue – Hear us out here… Yes, it’s a colour. But as a baby girl’s name, it’s got spunk! Only the Cool Mum could pull this off.

  • Fia – When it comes to girl baby names that are unique, this one does it for us. Related to the Irish word for ‘wild’, Fia is such a cool choice for a baby girl. We love that it’s short and sweet, soft and pleasant.

  • Hester – As a girl’s name, Hester doesn’t commonly come to mind. We like that it’s similar to ‘Esther’, and that it’s related to the Persian meaning of ‘star’. Super cool.

The Unique Mum: Unusual and creative girl names

The Unique Mum likes to be different. She’s a creative type – whether that means working in a creative field or getting stuck into home reno projects or crafts. The Unique Mum will choose a name that no one would ever guess. She may even come up with a name on her own! She lives life by her own rules. (F*ck what her MIL thinks about uncommon baby girl names!) She’ll love unheard of, unique and unusual baby girl names. The likes of:

  • Bellamy – More commonly used as a boy’s name, Bellamy makes a cute girl’s name too. It also has the potential to be broken into nicknames like ‘Bell’ or ‘Mimi’ for a more feminine vibe.

  • Kassiani – This super unusual baby girl name is literally the Greek word for ‘cinnamon’. You can shorten it to ‘Kass’ or ‘Kassi’ as well.

  • Lumi – This is quite a common name in Finland, being the Finnish word for ‘snow’. But in Western countries, it’s a really unique and pretty girls’ name.

  • Grey – (Or ‘Gray’ for our US mamas.) Don’t give us shade for this choice (or fifty shades) – it’s so alternative no one will see it coming! It’s also just another cool, one-syllable short baby girls’ name.

  • Zephyr – Based on the Greek word for ‘west wind’, this is more common as a boys’ name. But we LOVE it as a unique baby girls’ name. And we know The Unique Mum would be all about it. Zeph for short too. Adorbs!

The Options-Open Mum: Variable baby girl names

The Options-Open Mum always clicks ‘maybe’ on Facebook events. She’s ‘open to opportunities’ on LinkedIn. She goes with the flow. She knows that plans might change, and she’s okay with it. (Or maybe she just struggles with making decisions, who knows?) She’ll pick a name that can be transformed into a variety of nicknames, so her daughter can chop and change it throughout the different phases of her life. Consider these ‘choose your own adventure’ names, if you like:

  • Alexandra – Which can become: Alex, Ally, Sandra, Xan, Lexa, Al, Lexie

  • Josephine – Which can become: Josie, Joey, JoJo, Jo

  • Catherine – Which can become: Cat, Catty, Cate, Cath, Cathay, Kit, Kitty

  • Amelia – Which can become: Amy, Mimi, Mia, Lia, Milly

  • Emmeline – Which can become: Emma, Em, Emmy, Emily

The Bookish Mum: Shakespearean-inspired baby girl names

This mama is a nerd – we’ll say it. She’s always got her head in a novel, she quotes poetry at the drop of a hat, and she may do a spot of creative writing herself. She loves nothing more than wrapping her mouth around a beautiful piece of language, so she’ll fall head-over-heels for medieval or Shakespearean-style baby girl names. Here are some hot picks for a Bookish Mum:

  • Cordelia – This one features in King Lear, and it’s the dream name of Anne in Anne of Green Gables, too, described as a “a perfectly elegant name”. You can also use ‘Cora’ for short.

  • Ophelia – The tragic heroine in Hamlet, Ophelia is one of the bard’s most well-known female figures. That said, she dies a horrible death. BUT, a poetic one. This is still a beautiful, feminine girl baby name.

  • Imogen – This is the name of a character in one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays Cymbeline (extra points to a Bookish Mum who can reference this). It’s also just a sweet and unique baby girl name. (‘Immi’ for short – too cute!)

  • Elizabeth – A winning baby girl name for CENTURIES! Elizabeth dates back to ancient Hebrew and features in the Bible, was a popular name for British monarchs (still is), and is common amongst actresses, models and high-profile ladies.

  • Olivia – Shakespeare arguably kicked off the world’s love for the name Olivia, applying it to a countess in Twelfth Night. It derives from the Latin word for ‘olive’, and can be shortened to ‘Liv’.

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