Your second pregnancy will be different, here’s how.

You’re probably here for one of two reasons: you’re either pregnant with baby number two (congrats Mama!) or you’re a mum of one who somehow survived the clusterf*ck that is early motherhood, and you’ve been lulled into a secure enough state to start considering going back for round two.

Whichever the case, you’re probably wondering what to expect from your second pregnancy. Will it be the same as last time? Will it feel different? Is birth really easier the second time around or is that just what they tell us so that we’ll have more babies?

We asked mums for the truth about how their second pregnancies were different from their first, and here’s what they had to say:

Your symptoms will be different

My second pregnancy was much more intense with the movements. I got flutters from 8 weeks, and really strong kicks and movements from 12 weeks. With my first I felt nothing until about 20 weeks. Also a lot more round ligament and back pain. – Bec

I’m currently pregnant with my second … completely polar opposite pregnancy!! Nausea, dizziness, pain & anxiety this time around. – Jess

On second right now (second trimester). With my first – morning sickness, and low iron. Second so far has given me constipation early on, also reflux seems worse this time. – Kellie

Second pregnancy I had so many more aches and muscle pains. My lower back and pelvis started giving me grief at 12 weeks. – Vicki

I was a lot smaller carrying the second even though they weighed more or less the same when born! – Katie

I showed way sooner with my second one. I didn’t announce my first until 15 weeks but there was no hiding it the second time around! – Liv

Totally different. It impacts your body more when you’re older. – Janet

Your mindset has had a glow up

Biggest difference between them would definitely be my mindset, much less anxious during pregnancy. With my first I wouldn’t sleep if no one else was awake in the house as I was paranoid about SIDS happening if I slept, for example. This time I really want to sleep and plead with baby two at every night feed to please go to sleep lol. – Leesa

I feel more ready and probably won’t be as surprised at birth, and I’m not panicking about the symptoms with my second. – Sally

I knew what to expect the second time around and to not feel overwhelmed. Much more laid-back. – Chantelle

My mindset was the biggest difference. I didn’t follow along with fruit of the week, or spend as much time researching baby stuff, or freaking out over every little cramp. – Greta

I enjoyed my second pregnancy a lot more because I knew how it would feel meeting this little person at the end, I felt more connected. Whereas when you have your first you haven’t experienced that joy yet, so you don’t know what to expect. It was really nice to look forward to that, knowing what it would feel like. – Alex

Birth is still unpredictable AF

With my first one, waters broke at 33+4, I ended up being induced at 36. I had migraines and a lot of back pain through the pregnancy. With my second, he was 4 days overdue, au naturale delivery. I had transformative migraines (no pain but other symptoms) and back pain. – Sarah

Pressure was all in my bum the first time. Second time was a more “typical” labour. – Katrina

Pregnancies were exactly the same. Second labour was only 36 hours compared to 63 though. – Ash

I was in labour for over 24 hours with my first and only 10 hours with my second. My second one came a week earlier too. – Vanessa
First one came on her own at 40.5 weeks, and second had to be induced at 41+ weeks. – Hayley

Your life has changed in one big specific tiring way

The biggest thing is being tired chasing a toddler. – Anita

I couldn’t comprehend how I could love another baby as much as I love my son, but as soon as I met my baby girl I understood, your heart just grows to accommodate your new love. – Mel

Second is due in 6 weeks. Main difference is exhaustion and level of discomfort. Often have to push through both of these things the second time around whereas I had the luxury of lying down whenever I needed to with my first…it was nice not to have to chase a toddler around and maintain the mental space for high-level negotiations about appropriate snacks, activity choices, and clothing preferences! Haha. – Nikki

Chasing a toddler around! Worrying that I couldn’t love another as much as my first, but your heart grows and the love multiplies! – Mel anon

It had the added element of having to prepare my son for the baby’s arrival and make sure he felt secure and not left out at all. It was a huge change for him, but it was also really special sharing each stage of my pregnancy with him. – Erin

So there you have it, your second pregnancy will be as wildly unpredictable as your first, with one big difference: you, Mama! 

You are not the same woman you were when you were pregnant the first time; you’ve officially seen and done it all at this point. So while you may not know the details of how everything will go down the second time around, you’ve done this before, and so you know you can do it again, and that confidence is everything!

One last thing: Remember all that stuff about pregnancy and newborns? Yeah didn’t think so – your brain has most likely dumped it all to make space for toddler crap, so make sure to start making some pregnancy collections and store all those knowledge bombs so that your mum brain doesn’t have to!

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