WTF?! Unusual early pregnancy symptoms

Experiencing some weird bodily sh*t? It could be an early sign of pregnancy. Oh yes, girlfriend. First signs of pregnancy aren’t just missed periods and morning sickness. 

You may be surprised by some of the, uh, stranger early pregnancy symptoms. But rest assured, they’re probably temporary and very normal. Cooking up a human being is no small feat, and it’s quite common to experience some of the following.

Weird pregnancy symptoms checklist

Getting your period… at the wrong time!

We’re much more familiar with having a missed period as an early sign of pregnancy, right? Ah, but remember what happened to Betty Draper in Mad Men Season 2? Unusual spotting or bleeding can also be an early sign of pregnancy. 

You could experience ‘implantation bleeding’, which can happen when the fertilised egg attaches to the lining of the uterus about 6 to 12 days after fertilisation. It’s usually lighter in colour and doesn’t last as long as a normal period, but if you’re not paying attention you might think it’s just your period acting crazy. 

One in four women report bleeding during the first trimester, most often between five and eight weeks gestation. (If you’re worried about bleeding during pregnancy, see your GP.)

Feeling cold

Feeling cold? Early pregnancy generally causes mamas to heat up – which is no surprise, really, considering your body is working extra hard to make a baby! But experiencing the opposite isn’t necessarily cause for panic. 

Feeling cold may mean that your body is doing too good a job at regulating your body temperature (overachiever!). It could also be a sign of anaemia, anxiety, infection, low blood pressure. Or maybe it’s just cold.

Feeling HOT!

(We do mean temperature hot, but see below re: big boobs.) Your basal body temperature rises by up to a degree when you ovulate, so you might feel hotter. It’s common to experience hot flashes and night sweats during pregnancy too. This one’s generally down to hormones.

Strange boob activity

I asked my Insta community what their early signs of pregnancy were, and at least half of them mentioned boobs. Sore/tender boobs and big boobs were the most common first signs of pregnancy. 

You may experience breast tenderness, similar to what you feel before your period. Or, it might be a matter of your partner doing a double take after you get out of the shower. Get used to weird boob activity if you are pregnant, because your journey has only just begun.

Getting nosebleeds

Don’t be alarmed if your nostrils start spouting blood early on in pregnancy. (Okay, maybe be a little alarmed if ‘spouting’ is involved. Normal bleeding though… is fine.) About 1 in 5 pregnant women experience nosebleeds. Why? There’s more blood pumping through your body when you’re pregnant (about 50% more actually). Along with this, your blood vessels may widen, including those delicate little blood vessels in your nose. 

Having the sensory awareness of a hunting hound

Can’t stand certain smells? Suddenly can’t stomach your daily cup of coffee? If your senses feel all over the place, this could be a sign of pregnancy. Again, it’s down to hormonal changes. Heightened sensitivity to smells or tastes (including cravings or aversions) may contribute to pregnancy nausea too.

Tasting metal (but not the music kind)

Some women experience the taste of metal as a weird early pregnancy symptom. It’s called dysgeusia, and isn’t because someone’s been sneaking batteries into your Cornflakes. We can thank hormone fluctuation for this one too – the rise in oestrogen being the particular culprit for ‘Metal Mouth’.

Tingly or numb hands

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome affects a crazy 60% of women during pregnancy! It happens because you’ve got extra fluids in your body that cause a nerve to compress. You may experience this as slight tingling or numbness in your fingers, or even as severe pain or loss of sensation. You can see a doctor for help in managing it, but it should go away after you give birth.


It’s common to experience itchiness later in pregnancy as your belly expands, but you can also experience unexplained itchiness as a weird early pregnancy symptom. This may be due to hormonal shifts which make your body sensitive to certain products. 

Looking drop-dead gorge

Look at yewwwww! Beautiful hair, nails and skin. Argh – the glowy skin! It’s not a myth. If you’re experiencing some serious ‘glowiness’, it might be more than a good hair day. It could be a sign that you’re pregnant.

Looking haggard AF

Acne, exhaustion, insomnia, bloating… there are lots of cheeky symptoms your body may experience in early pregnancy that seem to override that ‘pregnancy glow’. You might be feeling a little bit ripped off, but your time to glow may yet be on the cards! As your hormones continue to shift, you may achieve peak glowiness later in your pregnancy. Hang in there, mama!

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