Our top 4 apps for when you’re trying to conceive

If you’re here, you might be just starting to think about getting pregnant. Or maybe you’ve been trying to conceive for months, or even years. For some people, starting a family requires a lot of effort, period maths and marking days in the calendar. If this is the case for you, outsourcing your ovulation tracking could be useful.

With so many women around the world trying to conceive (or trying not to) at any one time, it probably comes as no surprise that fertility apps are the fourth most downloaded type of health apps among adults. There are HEAPS out there, but we’ve rounded up four of the most popular, and scoured their reviews to see what users do and don’t love about them.


Haven’t a clue where your cycles are at? Clue is designed to help you with that. As one of the highest rated period and fertility tracking apps on the market, Clue is all about making sense of your cycles, and how it all affects your body.

What it’s good at:

  • Helping you “make sense” of your menstruation and early pregnancy symptoms – not just your period cramps, but headaches, skin and hair appearance, emotions, moods, cervical fluids and more.
  • Offering research-backed articles about women’s reproductive and sexual health.
  • Tracking ovulation with a calculator and fertility predictions. (Psst! You can also log your basal body temperature for more accurate information.)
  • Alerts and reminders (i.e. that your period is due, or to take your birth control pill – very handy).
  • Being very inclusive of the LGBTQIA community, and highlighting that motherhood isn’t just for heterosexual women in relationships.

Main gripes:

  • There could be some bugs and glitches (but developers are always working on that stuff!)
  • There are lots of prompts to upgrade to the premium version which, as we can gather, doesn’t give you a whole lot more.
  • You can’t list medications you’re on, which can play into your symptoms and cycles.


Glow is not only a Netflix series about women’s wrestling in the 80s (great show by the way) – it’s also one app in a set of four, designed to help women track and navigate periods, pregnancy, prenatal health and their baby’s development. It’s a cool idea, really! A dedicated app for each stage of your journey. Glow is focused on ovulation tracking to get pregnant.

What it’s good at:

  • Connecting you with a community of ladies all using the app to try and conceive.
  • Providing educational materials along the journey to motherhood.
  • Having a daily log where you can input 40+ symptoms.
  • Tying mental health symptoms into your ovulation cycles.
  • Being really easy to use (Thanks, developers. We like easy.)

Main gripes:

  • Lots of features are behind a paywall, and a lot of users are upset about the limitations of the free version. (This is a recurring theme in most of these apps, to be fair.)
  • There’s no way to localise the experience (i.e. to only see conversations and content relevant to Australia).
  • Weirdly, the apps don’t integrate. Once you become pregnant and move to the Glow Nurture (pregnancy) app, you have to set up a whole new account.


Women tend to be quite stoked with the Flo app. The ovulation tracking feature is based on machine learning, so the more data you input, the greater its accuracy will be. You can use Flo to track your periods, identify prime conception days and get PMS symptom predictions. And it’s all presented in a lovely calendar or chart format.

What it’s good at:

  • Looking lovely.
  • Providing “secret chats” – the option to anonymously ask awkward questions.
  • Presenting a clear ovulation calendar with predictions on ovulation windows and symptoms.
  • Including lots of fun interactive stuff like quizzes, conversations and surveys.
  • Automatically transitioning to pregnancy mode once you conceive, and giving sweet updates on your growing baby! You can also calculate your due date, set a countdown, and learn the essentials of newborn care with Flo.

Main gripes:

  • An intense push towards the paid version (some people find the free version enough, while others miss personalised features which used to be free).
  • Ads ads ads.
  • In-your-face articles at inappropriate times. (Like, one woman described receiving a notification about vaginal discharge colours in the middle of her workday. That review made us chuckle a bit.)


Ovia claims to be the most accurate ovulation calculator and fertility tracker available to women (big call guys!). Tracking algorithms and predictions are said to be based on latest fertility research, and help predict exact ovulation and fertile windows.

What it’s good at:

  • Tracking your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervical position, medications and other fertility data.
  • Giving you a daily fertility score, so you’ll always know your best days for trying to conceive.
  • Being 100% FREE! (Big win, as many ovulation tracking apps are fairly basic unless you upgrade to the paid version.)
  • Supporting irregular cycle tracking – the more you track the more it learns about you.
  • Supporting pregnancy loss. This is a really interesting point, as a lot of users were very disappointed in how ovulation apps treated their loss of pregnancy with insensitive language like “undo pregnancy”. One reviewer said that Ovia, “allows you to report pregnancy and pregnancy loss, which I felt was a nice touch as I have lost three pregnancies since trying to conceive. It makes you feel that your pregnancy was important and valued.”

Main gripes:

  • Utterly baby-focused. That’s great if you’re using it to plan a pregnancy, but not so much for period tracking. (But we guess you’re the former.)
  • Some people reported inaccuracies in predictions (… ooh, but they claim to be the best, though!)
  • There seems to be an unnecessary amount of data you’re prompted to input (like, one person said it asked them “how often you eat in a restaurant”. Um, why?)

Have you tried any of these apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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