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Mumli is a new platform that is being built to make motherhood easier. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, our team started in 2020 when we realised that there is a hell of a lot of information out there to serve our babies, but very little to serve mums. So we cashed in all of our spare minutes (thanks 2020 pandemic), took matters into our own hands and we made a freaking app!

Our goal is to create your pocket-sized Parenting Assistant – a place you can go to unload your Mum Brain, and find answers and support so you can parent confidently. The app is personalized to your stage of motherhood, so you can

Our current features enable you to keep all the information you need to parent, in one place:

  • Save everything you need to keep into organised Collections that live on your Profile

  • Discover tips, recommendations, potential mum-friends, and more – curated for you on your For You page

  • Never miss a beat – you Home Feed will show you the latest updates in Collections and other Mumli Creators that you follow

A Post is a single piece of content that is created on Mumli. Posts can include images, links, or GIFs, in addition to a Title and an optional Description. When saving a post to Mumli, you can select a variety of tags to make it easier to find, and save it to a Collection.

A Collection is a compilation of posts to help you organise your content in a meaningful way. You can use Collections to store posts that you create, and also save posts that you see throughout the app that you might like to revisit later.

When creating a Collection, you can upload an optional cover image, and toggle to keep your Collection private. If you choose to keep your Collection private, it can only be viewed by you on your Profile.

By default, public Collections can be shown in relevant categories on the Discover feed to help other mums find your content.

Tags are used to categorize your content. Choose which stage your content best applies to, along with other tags that may be relevant to your post.

If you are posting in a Collection that is not set to private, this content can also be shown to other moms on the app who are looking for information in those categories.

To save a link from an external source:

  • Tap on Create A Post
  • Copy the link that you would like to save, and paste it directly into the Description field
  • Add a Title, some tags, and select the Collection for this post
  • Hit Publish, and you’re all set!

The posts that you create and save can be found on your Profile page, within the Posts section.

Posts are saved by recency – so the latest post that you create or saved, will appear at the top of this section.

To change information on your profile, such as your Profile Photo, Username, add a bio, and editing your Stage of Motherhood, navigate to your Profile tab and tap Edit Profile.

Here, you can update your information. Once you have completed your changes, be sure to tap ‘Done’!

Note: Changes to your Stage of Motherhood will also update your browsing experience. To get the best results, we recommend adding information that accurately reflects your current Stage of Motherhood.

Yes, currently it is free to access Mumli.

We value your privacy, and to provide you with a safe browsing experience, we promise to:

  • Keep it between us: We will never sell your information to a third party entity.
  • Handle your information with care: All personal data is encrypted.
  • Give you the driver’s seat: You control who views the information you save on our platform. 


You can view our Privacy Policy at any time here.

The content you save is organised into Collections on your Profile.

When you create a Collection, you can control who sees the Collection and its contents by toggling the ‘Private Collection’ feature to ON.

This ensures that the Collections and its contents is only viewable to you, and cannot be found or followed by other users on Mumli.