Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve compiled a list of very informative and helpful answers below.

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About Mumli

Mumli is a new social sharing platform being built to make pregnancy and motherhood easier (about bloody time, we know).

Our goal is to create your pocket-sized, all in one Pregnancy Guide and Parenting Assistant – a place you can go to unload your Mum Brain, and find expert answers and support, so you can parent with a borderline arrogant level of confidence.

To find out more about the Aussie based team driving this thing, head over to our About Us page. 

To find out more about how we’re building the best app for pregnancy and parenting, check out our Mumli App page.

To find out more about that weird rash on your arm, talk to your doctor.

We built Mumli for you, bestie. 

Whether you’re planning pre-conception, trying to conceive, already baking a baby or navigating a newborn, you’re bound to have a sh*tload of burning questions. We sure did! So we’ve been busy consulting experts, nodding emphatically in agreement and curating everything you need to know, at every stage. Whether that’s birthing positions, breastfeeding or breakfast recipes for toddlers – it’s all here in one place. You’re welcome.

We know, another bloody parenting app. But we’re not like other apps, we’re a cool motherhood app

We feel Mumli is unique from other parenting and pregnancy apps in a few ways:

  • Mumli intuitively recommends the content you need, at your stage of motherhood, so you don’t need to scroll to page 27 of a Google search anymore (because f*ck that).

  • On Mumli you can save content and resources from anywhere, and organise them within the app. Close all those brain tabs, girl!

  • We tell it like it is, but we won’t tell you what to do. You’re the main character mama, we’re just your sassy wing woman hyping you up from the sidelines while you decide your own parenting style.

Just download the app, create an account and wink at the doorman on your way in. Easy!

About the Mumli App

Our current features enable you to keep all the information you need to parent, in one place. Handy!

We’ll elaborate:

  • Unload your Mum Brain! The struggle with screenshots is real. We’re ONE simple solution for you to save it all.

  • Discover resources! Discover ideas, parenting tips, resources, and more personally picked for you – and your baby’s – current stage.

  • Ask questions and share! Connect with mums you know (old friends!) and discover ones you don’t (new friends!) – in a safe space free from judgement and mum-shame, because ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can currently sign up for free! Just chuck us a nice compliment or two, would you?

The Mumli app is indiscriminately available on the App Store and Google Play, in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

A Post is a single piece of content that you can create on Mumli. You can add images, links, GIFs, inappropriate memes, or ask questions for other mums to answer. They can be for your eyes only, or Tagged with categories and released into the wild for other mums to find on their Discover Feed.

A Collection is a folder to help you organise the sh*t out of your posts, and save other mums’ posts that you see throughout the app for Future You to revisit later.

You can find all of your Collections and Posts under your Profile on Mumli, whenever you need an Organisation Fix. Goddamn that feels good.

Tags are used to categorise your content. If your Collection is public, this content can then be shown to other mums on the app who are looking for information in those categories. Mums helping mums, we love to see it!

Liking, commenting, sharing another mum’s post and sending good vibes her way are all excellent ways to engage with other mamas in the community. Doing all these things simultaneously will achieve best results.

Navigate to your Profile tab and tap Edit Profile. Here you can update your Profile Photo, Username, add a bio, and edit your Stage of Motherhood. Spill the tea mama, we want to know it all! Just make sure you hit ‘Done’ when you’re finished!

Psst! Changes to your Stage of Motherhood will also update your browsing experience (Clever!). To get the best results, we recommend adding information that accurately reflects your current stage.

About you

We value your privacy, and to provide you with a safe browsing experience, we promise to:

  • Keep it between us: We will never ever sell your information to a third party entity. Mum’s promise.

  • Handle your information with care: All personal data is encrypted.

  • Put you in charge: Where you belong, you damn boss! You control who views the information you save on our platform.


You can view our boring comprehensive Privacy Policy at any time here.

Firstly: how dare you.

Secondly: just kidding, we know we’re not for everyone (yet). All we ask is that you be kind with our tender-hearted support team when you email them your break-up letter here.