Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual, so we’re giving you the tools to write your own.

The first few years of mum life are chaotic and overwhelming. When you’re not feeding, changing nappies, or settling (or resettling), you’re scouring the internet and interrogating your friends for answers and advice on all things baby related.

Between the randomly saved posts, screenshots and old message threads, how on earth are you meant to keep track of it all?

Mumli exists so that you can untangle the mess and organise all of your information in one place for you to easily access when you need it and share with your mum friends when they eventually need it too.

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Share your motherhood journey and connect with other mamas by following them.

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See updates from other mamas you are following and read curated content that is relevant, relatable and informative.

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Whether you add a post to one of your personal collections, ask a question or share an update with other mums, unload your mum brain and organise your thoughts in one place.

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Get the answers to the never-ending stream of questions that every new mum has about everything from sleep training to starting solids and handling those toddler tantrums.


Organise articles and information into collections so that nothing ever gets lost again and then share your collections with other mamas who are looking for advice by simply sending them to your profile.

Make motherhood easier, with Mumli.

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